Zim and gir relationship problems

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zim and gir relationship problems

Nov 20, Explore Ethan McLanahan's board "G.I.R./Invader Zim" on Pinterest. Zim and Gir by hideousblob on deviantart Invader Zim Characters, Girl Problems, Horror Stories · Invader Zim Relationship Humor - I just died laughing!. Dib being his usually creepy stalker self andgoing too far/Zim nudity? . If the idea of the relationship became disturbing to the Irken, he could. Gaz and Zim's Relationship · Dib and Zim's Relationship · Almighty Tallest and Zim's Relationship · Zim and GIR's Relationship · Zim and Tak's Relationship.

Before she tried to take over Earth almost 6 years ago. True, the Gaz-human had filed his thoughts. But certainly that was normal. Certainly what he was feeling was not affection for the worm-baby.

He was an Irken invader! There was no room for such an annoying concept. Zim climbed up onto his toilet chute elevator while GIR continued to bounce around the room singing "Master likes Gazzy. Again, Gaz filled his thoughts. Her sleek purple hair, her black clothes, the menacing glare she has when Zim gets too close.

Gaz… she had grown since Zim had been stationed on Earth 8 years ago, then again so had Zim, although he was shorter than his Mighty Tallest, he was taller than Gaz. She looked more like an adult human female than the other larva crawling around his skool.

Her purple hair had become considerably long, her dark attire matured into black dresses, zippered pants and tank tops that revealed more skin than Zim had seen her in before. It was strange seeing her skin.

The pink fleshy layer repulsed Zim when he saw it on everyone else. Some had too much and it fell over there bodies in masses, some had too little and Zim could see their skeletal structure, some had brown spots and growths, but Gaz's skin looked flawless, although the strange color was still odd. He thought about her eyes, when he could see them, they were a pleasant amber color that reminded him of an eclipsing sun shining behind the Earth moon.

And looked at his plans. They might have well been blank. Every word was useless. Zim yelled in frustration, tore the papers from his desk and threw his pencil at a wall.

Relay more details of this 'love' disease! Used by humans to find a significant mate. Zim didn't want to believe it. But there had to be a reason he felt so strange. He might as well explore the idea.

A screen lowered down in front of Zim. It showed a human girl and boy. Both were ugly worm beasts. They looked nervous and squeamish when near each other. It is used to show feelings and confirm whether feelings are mutual. Zim thought whether he liked the idea of being so close to Gaz.

The screen showed the boy with several different girls until one stopped. Zim didn't like that. IF he did feel love for the Gaz girl, he would have her, and only her. The boy and girl came together again, only they pressed their faces together.

Humans press their lips together as an intimate form of affection. Zim felt his mouth.

zim and gir relationship problems

Would that still work if he didn't have lips like the humans? Zim shook his head. He paced around his desk, eyeing the screen which played the scenes of this love disease over and over. The boy giving the flowers to the girl who embraced him, then kissed him. Zim smiled at the idea of the Gaz acting that way. Then, again, he stopped.

He could still hear GIR from the ground floor, still singing. Now all he needed to do was catch even a second's glimpse of Zim without his disguise.

It was harder to fit in the small bush than it had been when he was a kid, Dib had become a bean pole in his age and his scythe like hair style had gotten longer and thicker. He focused the lenses as far as he could into Zim's house, through the window he could see the shadow of the little robot bouncing around the house.

.:Invader Zim-Issue #1 DUB:.

He couldn't use that footage. Zim would make up some dumb reason why he had a robot. He had never once used it, and dreaded the day when it was demanded of him to pull the trigger. He was pretty sure Irkens were vulnerable to bullets as they were to wires. As terrible as it would be for Zim to purposely break in, and effectively menace Dib to use it, he very much doubted the alien would even leave the couch.

That wound was grievous, and had still been dripping through the gauze as if Zim was leaking rapturous water. But Dib always took the initiative, and rarely left little to chance.

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He thought about slipping the gun under the pillow, and then decided to sit propped up in bed with it in his hands. The safety remained on, but even so, just holding it made him uncomfortable. I guess I'm not that prepared after all. I won't know what he's up to until the morning. With his little lamp left on, he facing the locked door, staring at it, or occasionally at the window across from him as the moon drifted through the silvery dark sky. What if he needs me?

What if he's gonna die? I already know he's old. This 'accident' of his doesn't make a damn difference. It just makes it For the both of us. Dib remained posted on his bed, cold fingers clutching the gun. Time moved on, indifferent to his vigil. He must have slept because he woke up to find the gun still in his hands and the sunlight streaming in through the window. The birds were warbling out their tunes as cars rushed down the road in the foreground. Dib looked to the door. It was still closed.

He opened it, curiously afraid of what he'd find down below. Quickly Dib changed into his spare clothes and creaked down the stairs, the gun stashed in the waistband of his pants. Zim had remained on the couch. This time he was sitting up, and leaning slightly, his antennae arched forwards as if to hear him better. Blankets were huddled around him as he tried to cover up the naked parts of himself.

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Don't go back on your promise. If you so much as Zim looked pretty angry, his patience as brittle as ice. He doubted his alien had slept a wink. IF he even did need sleep.

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Directly beside them was the little Irken's house. It stood with its usual solemn air with the ghastly lawn gnomes staring off into space as they bordered the pristine garden path. Zim, sitting in the front passenger seat on a cushion to boost his height, looked shyly out the side window at his base. He was so small that his feet dangled off the lip of the seat, and he couldn't even look over the dashboard to view the world from the windshield.

The entire experience with the Dib had been a long, unwelcoming affair. Dib seemed to take it all in his stride, which Zim found to be downright unnerving. Since when did the sole defender of the Earth treat him with such civility? Surely there was something amiss?

Something he had overlooked? He judged this to be in Dib's favour somehow, and that the human would later use whatever information he had gleaned against him. They had known each other now for just a little over twenty years, and much had changed between them.

Somewhere along the way of growing up, Dib had eventually lost interest in Zim, and had instead gone after jobs, girlfriends, and was then busy house-hunting. As Zim fell down the agenda list, he began to realise why. He had stopped trying to take over the Earth. He himself hadn't even realized this. Not until that day when he faced the computer and asked for a mission report. It told him in its banal tone that he had not reported to the Tallest in five years, and had not made a significant advance in his personal mission for a decade.

Even his status report read: It had made him draw away from the console in horror, and he struggled to remember what he had been doing that had been so important for the last decade of his life on Earth. A glint of mellowed sunlight caught the left lens of his prescription glasses.

Zim, feeling uncomfortable under his scrutiny, gripped the door handle and pulled it outwards. The car door clicked and opened. Releasing the seatbelt from his shoulder, he gingerly stepped out onto the gravel of the asphalt road. His injured side was stiff and feverish, but he was able to move around. He was back in his old uniform. It smelt strongly of human chemical agents they used to wash things with, but he was pleased it was at least blood-free.

All that remained was a raggedy hole in his side where he had been wounded. Now there was only gauze showing through that gap in his uniform. And Dib had done well to get all the stains out. Even though Dib was a full grown man, Zim often demoted him through insults he used to call him when he had been but a boy. Old habits die hard, even for an Irken.

And thanks to you my uniform now smells of lilac and rosebuds! Dib shook his head and released the handbrake. Then he was driving off, back home. Zim stood at the door, watching him leave. He knew he really should hurry and get inside. He was after all without his useful disguise, and anybody would see his antennae and fuchsia eyes.

But he didn't move until Dib's car had disappeared over the brow of the hill. Only then did he confront the door in his path.

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He could hear the main TV blazing out cartoons even through the door. It made him hesitate as cool wind seemed to blow through him. Quickly checking his rear to make sure no humans were up to spy on him on this early hour, he gathered his failing courage and tapped on the door. He could not be afraid! Would not be afraid! This was HIS base! He could not hide from HIS robot! What happened had been a nasty accident.

A bit of reprogramming and Gir would be as good as new! What exactly had happened, Zim was not sure.

zim and gir relationship problems

But he could fix it. As the new sunshine pressed down on his PAK, he heard the door unlock from within. He tried to prepare himself for what he'd see, and felt his nerves tighten up all the more.

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The door creaked open and Zim actually stepped back, one hand over his tummy as he anticipated another assault. Gir threw himself at him before he could prepare for any kind of defence and he felt a desperate, panicked yell bubbling up from within.

But then Gir was hugging him, his cyan eyes wide with glee. I missed you so BAD! Let me get inside my own house Gir, before someone sees! Now back in his own private chambers, he wanted to relax. But the tight cords within him refused to loosen. Gir was nuzzling him like a child nuzzling a father who had returned from a long absence.

Zim didn't know what to do or say. It was hard to believe that just last night Gir had stabbed him so viciously. Maybe Gir simply hadn't realized what he was doing, and hadn't understood the consequences. After all, Gir's brain was very limited, for his thinking process was very different to that of a sentient being.

Maybe now Gir understood, and would not be doing it again. Zim patted him weakly on the top of his metal head. Just be a little more careful next time when you urm Irkens are notorious bleeders. How about I make you some waffles? Zim watched him, a little relieved.

He had been expecting Gir's eyes to flash red, but there was nothing at all to suggest that anything was wayward about the robot. And here he had been, worrying for nothing. Gir was like his old self. Except there was something different. Zim approached him, inbuilt fear keeping him four steps from Gir all the time unless the robot crossed the boundary himself. Sure enough his little thumb was gone. The rest of his hand was fine. Almost guiltily, Gir peered upward at his master and did a little shrug.

Each time however Gir went to approach him, he backpedalled to maintain a respectable gap between them. R unit appendages on standby, you know. It's the least of my problems anyway.

The TV blared away, showing some cartoon about kittens with super powers. After his giddy little spell of dancing like a maniac, he returned to his Master's side as Zim turned to the cooker. He grabbed a pan and poured waffle mixture onto its surface.

I was at that Dib's place. Usually I'd yell at you for allowing that pig monkey anywhere near my home, but well, I suppose you did sort of save my life. Just don't do that again. I can't trust him. For all I know, he's stolen something, or implanted some spy camera into my base. He had trouble telling the difference between waffles and pancakes.

I have work to do. He added butter to the mixture, something he did very carefully, lest it splash and cause him any skin burns. Then he flipped it over once with the spachelor and turned down the heat. He wasn't quite sure why he was doing this. Really it should have been the other way round, with Gir catering to his needs as a way of an apology.

Zim wasn't sure how it had got turned around. He supposed that doing things helped keep his mind diverted from his little injury-problem. He neatly removed the pancake from the frying pan and coasted it into an awaiting plate where he then drizzled it in maple syrup and sugar, both of which he enjoyed himself.

Then he passed it to Gir who had a big grin on his metallic face. Now leave me in peace for an hour. And keep the TV volume down this time! I can't afford to have neighbours complaining of the noise you make! Maple syrup splashed all up the robot's face. Zim grimaced in disgust. He did not stay.

He made it to the toilet and sunk down into its diabolical depths. The little elevator took him down deeper and deeper, until comfortable warmth from the temperature below filled him with sleepy serenity. This was his place, his domain. Nothing else on Earth, or perhaps even in the known universe made him feel safer.

Here, he was cocooned by his own aegis of technology. It was his nest, his hive. Out there, among humans, even among the stars, he did not feel as safe, or as welcomed as he did feel here. He stepped out of the elevator on one of his lowest floors and started marching over to the main computer console. He soon came across a dark, dry puddle of green blood.

It made him pause dramatically, one clawed hand rushing to his lips. This was where Dib must have come down to inspect him, and then had hauled him back to the surface.

Its voice boomed through the warm tunnel from seemingly everywhere at once. Did that human weasel filch anything from my database, or the base itself? On the bottom right was the allotted time and day.

The camera had a perfect view of the tunnel leading down from the main entrance, and on the floor, sodden with blood was Zim himself many hours before. The Irken tried to view his own self with cold indifference. He knew what had happened to him, and didn't really care for a reminder. In the footage, Gir was kneeling by his side, trying to rouse him by shaking his body and pleading with him. The blood was clearly all over his little metallic hands.