Amy poehler meet the walken snl

Saturday Night Live - Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Review

amy poehler meet the walken snl

So we're looking back at one of Poehler and Hader's best SNL team-ups ever: ′s “Meet the Family,” with guest host Christopher Walken. Whether playing Kim Jong-il or Barbie, Amy Poehler displayed quite the Poehler showed off her on-the-head Christopher Walken when she. Saturday Night Live holiday episodes can normally come full of celebrity the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler-hosted episode relied more on the comedic “Meet Your Second Wife” walks the fine line of being darkly comedic or spilling . 'The Walking Dead' alum Jon Bernthal opens up about daughter's coma.

Whether playing herself, impersonating someone famous or creating a character from scratch, Poehler was incredibly fun to watch. Her quick thinking and willingness to go places most actresses would shy away from made her a fun sketch partner, as evidenced by these 10 memorable SNL characters and performances, ranked in no particular order.

amy poehler meet the walken snl

Bush Twins Remember the Bush twins and how they were always getting in trouble for partying too much or drinking underage? It helps, of course, that Jenna is drunk in the sketch.

Christopher Walken/Panic at the Disco

Poehler exaggerated Fanning to the appropriate degree. Awkward Leprechaun Poehler never shied away from being completely ridiculous and awkward when a sketch called for it.

amy poehler meet the walken snl

Smacking gum as they talk over one another at breakneck speed, Poehler and Rudolph nail the stereotypical Bronx accent and demeanor. They criticize most everything, but the things they love, they really love.

'Saturday Night Live' #TBT: Amy Poehler and Bill Hader Attend a Walken Family Reunion

Later SNL sketches tried to capture this very dynamic, but no one mastered it quite like Poehler and Rudolph did. Walken Reunion In a sketch that asked several cast members to impersonate Christopher Walken—to his face no less—Poehler pulled off one of the more memorable characters.

amy poehler meet the walken snl

Modern Hillary cleverly warned younger Hillary about Benghazi and her email scandal, but shared a laugh when she told her that she would be facing Donald Trump in the general election. The three super-talents in one political sketch brought huge laughs. Three shocked male contestants are introduced to their future second wives, all of which happen to be little girls. This all went down while their current wives were in the audience.

SNL finally went after the ridiculous craze of hoverboards in a lukewarm fake commercial.

amy poehler meet the walken snl

The bro-heavy ad made light of the fact that the devices have reportedly been catching fire. SNL went for the obvious and physical.

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In a strange choice for recurring sketch, Kenan Thompson returned as the eccentric director from The Jeffersons working as a director of an artistic period piece.

The movie was a spoof of the new Cate Blanchett movie Carol. Fey and Poehler played lesbian lovers from the s, while the director wants displays of surprise to mirror the comical performances of The Jeffersons TV show.

amy poehler meet the walken snl

It was a surprisingly brief Weekend Update this week with literally one-joke cameos for Update alums Fey and Poehler. She spouted descriptors as she shoved old salmon in her face.

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Remember that Kristen Wiig was a part of that cast, too. Having Poehler and Maya Rudolph in attendance was a good excuse to bring back Bronx Beat in the to-one slot. Fey joined the two New Yorkers with a talk show as the friend from Philly with the most over-the-top accent she could muster.