Hollyoaks dodger and sienna meet the parents

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hollyoaks dodger and sienna meet the parents

Hollyoaks: Forget Patrick, is Dodger Nico's Dad? to go and meet her 'dad' it turned out to be a woman who thought that Sienna had slept with. Hollyoaks reveals identity of Nico's father in shock storyline twist The twist means that Dodger and Sienna met briefly years ago and slept. Sienna Blake (also Bradley) is a fictional character from the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, Sienna is the twin sister of Dodger Savage (Danny Mac), the twin sibling Dodger Sienna was raised by her controlling and physically abusive father Patrick . Sienna later meets Ben Bradley (Ben Richards) and they begin a.

He quickly began a romance with Myra McQueen, but later discovered that his ex wife Anna Blake was still alive when she arrived in the village in Dirk is dad to Liberty and Will Savage, and was also the adopted dad of Dodger, Anna's son from her previous marriage to Patrick Blake.

Sienna Blake Hollyoaks spoilers: The character had a daughter, Nico, when she was 13, after sleeping with Dodger, not realising that they were twins. She also has twin babies with Warren Fox, though they were kidnapped by their father after he returned the village earlier in Throughout her time on the show Sienna has been at the centre of several dramatic storylines, including kidnappings, attempted murders and fighting cancer.

Dodger Savage Hollyoaks spoilers: Sienna blames Warren for Nico's death and vows revenge. Upon learning that Warren's son Joel Dexter Rory Douglas-Speed is working in Hollyoaks as a Catholic priest, Sienna begins attending his church and tries to get close to him; truthfully giving details of her situation with Warren and Nico, but using false names.

However, she struggles to keep her visits to Joel a secret from Warren. After Joel rejects Sienna when she tries to kiss him, she conspires to make Warren believe that a man from the church is stalking her.

Sienna plans to get revenge on Warren for Nico's death by killing Joel however it goes wrong after Joel realizes Sienna's plans and she accidentally knocks a lamp into some petrol in the garage which causes a fire in which Joel is trapped inside. Warren attempts to help Joel however the garage explodes sending the three of them to the ground.

hollyoaks dodger and sienna meet the parents

Sienna discovers she is pregnant by Warren. At a hospital appointment, they learn they are expecting twins. Sienna helps him hide the corpse in the attic of an empty flat, which Sally St. Claire Annie Wallace soon moves into. Warren later begins an affair with Grace after revealing that he has put plans in place to take the twins away from Sienna as soon as they are born. However, Sienna collapses and experiences spottingand she is taken to hospital, where they run some tests. The results show that Sienna has cervical cancerand will need a hysterectomy to remove the tumour, however this will put the twins at a high risk.

Sienna is against the idea at first but after a heart to heart with Myra McQueen Nicole Barber-Lane she decides to have the hysterectomy. On Sienna and Warren's wedding day, Warren is stabbed by Grace because unknown to Sienna, they were having an affair and Warren chose Sienna over Grace.

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Warren collapses in Sienna's arms but he survives. At the hospital, Warren threatens Grace and says he will tell the police everything but Grace says she will tell Sienna the truth. While Sienna is talking to Warren, he mistakes her for Grace since he is on medication and accidentally reveals the affair to Sienna. And angry Sienna confronts Grace and together they plan for Sienna to escape with the twins.

Off-screen, Warren discovers where Sienna is and kidnaps her, taking her to an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. He tells Sienna that when the babies are born he will take them away from her. When Warren comes to visit Sienna, she takes his keys and locks him in. Before he finds her, she carves a message on his car, which is noticed by Kim. Sienna fakes going into labour and when Warren is about to take her to the hospital he discovers the message and realises Sienna is faking it so takes her back into the house.

When Sienna goes into labour for real, Warren refuses to believe her. Luckily, Kim comes to rescue her but Warren catches them. Kim convinces him to let her go and he agrees. The babies are born and Warren asks Sienna for the baby girl be named Katy, after his deceased sister. Sienna tells him that he will not be involved in the twins' lives, so Warren takes their daughter Sophieleaving Sienna devastated. Sienna becomes depressed and struggles with her baby Sebastian.

Sienna's hair begins to fall out due to her chemotherapy, so Joel helps her shave her head. Sienna becomes jealous when Joel and Cleo begin a relationship, but is relieved when her cancer is cured. Sienna threatens Cleo and tells her she will kill her if she gets in the way of her and Joel, but Cleo stands up to her telling her that she has nothing to lose. Sienna lies to Joel saying that Warren is back to get his attention but Cleo finds out she's lying and Sienna tells Joel the truth. Sienna is left shaken when she finds someone in her flat.

She is shocked when she receives a text message who she thinks is Warren. Maxine discovers this and tells Joel but he doesn't believe her, however, Cleo convinces him to go find Sienna. Sienna later meets up with the stranger in the carpark and when Joel arrives the stranger drives off but Sienna tries to stop him and she gets run over.

Hollyoaks: Forget Patrick, is Dodger Nico’s Dad?

At the hospital, Sienna tells Joel she will never forgive him for ruining her chances of getting Sophie back. The doctor tells her that they have found a shadow leaving Sienna worried. A few weeks later the doctor tells her that her cancer hasn't returned. Joel who recently reconciled with Cleo prepares to tell Sienna the truth but she senses its bad news so she tells him her cancer has returned.

Sienna meets up with Myra in the village and tells her that she thinks Joel is seeing someone else. Myra discovers that its Cleo and warns Joel to stick by Sienna.

Sienna later tells Joel that the cancer is terminal. Misbah Maalik Harvey Virdi finds out that Sienna is lying about her cancer and confronts her. Sienna later finds a teddy bear and is shocked when it says it knows she's lying about her cancer.

She confronts Misbah since she is the only one who knows the truth but she denies everything. Sienna is left unsettled when she finds a countdown on her laptop. Joel arrives at her flat and tells her that him and Cleo are back together and an angry Sienna confesses that there is no cancer.

Joel calls her insane and she slaps him. He tells her to never speak to him again leaving Sienna alone. Sienna returns home to find her flat decorated with Christmas decorations. She finds an envelope with a locket in it and in the locket there's a picture of Sienna and Ben. She meets up with Ben in the Hutch but his son Josh Bradley Rupert Hill shows up instead and confronts Sienna for ruining his father's life.

He follows Sienna home and he smells gas, quickly turning off the cooker. Sienna is left scared and tells Josh that someone is out to get her. Over the next few weeks, Sienna goes crazy accusing Cleo of being her stalker and attacking her.

She starts to believe that Darren is her stalker and when she asks him to fix a leak in her flat, she knocks him out. She handcuffs him to a radiator and forces him to confess but he convinces her that it's not him. Sienna waits anxiously for the countdown to reach zero and when it does there's a knock at the door. When she answers the door she finds a toy monkey in the hallway, she runs outside to find who delivered it but can't find the stalker.

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She returns inside feeling more terrified than ever. Upon returning to the flat she is shocked to find a hooded figure holding Sebastian who is revealed to be Nico.

Sienna confronts Nico and she explained how she escaped from the fire. Sienna calls Joel for help but Cleo answers and she doesn't believe Sienna when she says that Nico is alive. An angry Nico attacks Sienna and stabs her before escaping. When Sienna realises that Darren still loves Nancy, she pretends to be pregnant.

She fakes scans and appointments while trying to get pregnant, but she becomes more unstable as the lie escalates.

Sienna Blake

She attempts to manipulate the situation but Tom begins to suspect that Sienna is lying about her pregnancy and catches her. Tom decides to plant a hidden camera and discovers that Sienna has been wearing a prosthetic baby bump. She tells him that he caused the explosion and Darren has died. She locks him in the cellar of her childhood home and holds him captive bringing him food daily.

Tom is declared missing and a police investigation is launched. Tom manages to escape and Nancy is released from the secure unit. She becomes angry and disowns him for what he did. Will is later arrested for his murders of Anna and Texas after Dodger comes to their rescue. After Tom escapes the basement and tells Nancy everything, she confronts Sienna and rips her dress revealing that she is not pregnant.

An upset Sienna then tries to convince her brother, Dodger, to run away, but she attempts to kiss him. Sienna then abducts Tom, Charlie and Oscar and locks them in the Roscoes' garage. She tries to kill them with exhaust fumes, but they are saved and Sienna is sectioned.

Sienna's love for Dodger grows and while he is sleeping on the sofa in Sienna's flat, Sienna kisses him on his lips. After a confrontation on the boat, Sienna accidentally stabs Dodger in the leg when he tries to walk out on their argument. Sienna later finds out that Dodger is the father of Nico after Patrick accidentally lets it slip and to keep Sienna from telling Dodger, he locks her in the school's boiler room. Tom later discovers her and she begs him to help her, but he leaves her there for revenge after she did the same to him.

Hollyoaks- Sienna admits Patrick used to beat her

Nico's prank puts Sienna in danger as a large amount of gas begins to leak into the boiler room and when Tom reveals that Sienna is trapped in there, they go to the boiler room only to find that Sienna has disappeared. While Nico believes Tom was trying to prank her, Patrick knows that Sienna has escaped.

hollyoaks dodger and sienna meet the parents

Patrick later finds Sienna back at the flat where she tells him she is going to tell Dodger about Nico and locks Patrick in his bedroom to make sure that he cannot stop her. Sienna goes to the boat to tell Dodger but fails to do so when Dodger orders her to leave, making Sienna realise that she cannot tell him. For revenge for Patrick not allowing her to tell Dodger about Nico, Sienna runs over Patrick in Maxine's car and frames Maxine, leading to her arrest, however, she is later released.

After suffering injuries from a train crash and needing a kidney transplant, Nico asks Sienna who her father is and after Sienna gets angry and storms off, Dodger tries to question her about why she won't tell Nico who her real father is and pressuring Sienna causes her to reveal that Dodger is Nico's father.

Dodger does not believe Sienna and starts to think that she is mentally ill again, but when Sienna kidnaps Dodger and takes him hostage to an abandoned building, Sienna's love for Dodger grows even more as she gets into Dodger's bed while he is sleeping after getting drunk the night before with Sienna, although Sienna didn't drink anything, and tells Dodger that he forced her to sleep with him.

Disgusted at what he has done, Dodger decides to leave the village. When Nico wants to find her father for Christmas, Peri helps her and finds some evidence. This also upsets Maxine and she also gets angry at Dodger. Nico runs off thinking her family would be better off without her. After Dodger tells Sienna that he cannot be a father to Nico, Sienna kidnaps Dodger and handcuffs him to the radiator in the basement of Anna's house where she tries to keep her family together for Christmas. Having Nico in the basement as well, Dodger tells Nico to release him while Sienna is out although she doesn't after thinking Dodger doesn't like her anymore and thinks Dodger finds her disgusting, but when Nico escapes, she falls and lies unconscious.

When Sienna finds out, she tries to look for Nico. Nico is rushed to the hospital, which leaves Dodger alone in the basement with Sienna. Sienna tries to get her happy ending and on Christmas Day, she makes herself a wedding dress and tries to make a wedding in the basement for her and Dodger, but Dodger says they cannot have a wedding without Nico and reveals he will marry her if she lets him go but Sienna doesn't believe him and tells him to prove it by kissing her.

Dodger agrees, but when Sienna leans in for the kiss, Dodger pushes her away, telling her that this isn't right. After Sienna and Dodger have a talk about how their Christmas should have been like when they were children and Dodger promises to support Sienna and help her get better, she uncuffs Dodger and agrees to get help.

When in the car, Sienna starts to think that Dodger will not visit her in the psychiatric unit and tries to make him stop driving. Not knowing what to do, Sienna leaves Sinead in the road and takes Dodger back to the basement. However, she reconciles with him and cancels her father's life assurance policy as revenge for manipulating her and planning to leave her and Nico nothing in his will. After Reenie is discharged from the hospital, she slaps Sienna and destroys her wicker remake of the Titanic as revenge for nearly killing her.

This leads to Reenie's arrest.