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homeschool buyers co op meet the masters

Take full advantage of your Meet the Masters subscription with the official Meet the Masters Lesson Plans for Homeschool Planet, featuring separate lesson. The Co-op is pleased to welcome Meet The Masters multi-media online art curriculum for homeschool art students of all ages! This GroupBuy offers tremendous. Homeschool Buyers Co-Op is offering TEN great amazing programs this Special FREE Bonus Get the official Meet the Masters Lesson Plans.

This is year one. The techniques and history of each of these masters in studied. Level C is year three. Students create their own artwork based on the techniques of these masters.

Meet the Masters

Breaking each level down to present the information to different age groups is a good idea. Meet the Masters assumes that one artist per month will be covered. Students learn about each master in a three step process.

homeschool buyers co op meet the masters

Step one, the software takes the students through a tour of the history and time period that the artist lived in. Each artist has a featured work.

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Some masters have audio clips, others do not. A script is provided for the teacher to read. This is where breaking down the software by age group is very helpful.

homeschool buyers co op meet the masters

Pre-K students will not have the attention span that high school students have. A printout of each lesson is given to the students so that everyone has their own individual packet. For each lesson, materials required are listed so the teacher knows what to have on hand.

Free “Meet the Masters” Art Curriculum

Teacher Support 5 out of 5 It can be difficult to teach about the artists without some background in art. Meet the Masters solves this problem for teachers and parents. The script is written to be read with the online lesson. Once you're into the MTM program using your browser, you will be able to launch the interactive portions. Will I receive a CD Rom with my purchase?

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Should I download and print curriculum pages? While it is possible to move back and forth between the Online Media Presentation and the curriculum download pages on your computer, for an uninterrupted learning experience, the best way to teach the program is to print the downloaded curriculum pages and read from the printed pages so you do not have to leave the Online Interactive Media. Regarding the lesson for the artist Piet Mondrian, there are no instructions on how to make the Mondrian Balance.

It only says "See the Implementation Manual page xxxi". Is there something missing?

Review of Meet the Masters- Art Education Software

There is a page missing within your guide. We have uploaded this page for you. You can access it here: Additionally, in the supply list on the art activity page it says: This should actually read: Is there an error in the file? There is a corrupted page.

Meet-the-Masters is currently updating the file at their website. In the meantime, we have uploaded the corrected page s for you. You can access them here: