Brady kids meet superman

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brady kids meet superman

Animated World of DC Comics: The Brady Kids meet Superman () From season 1 of The Brady Kids, here's "Cindy's Super Friend". The Brady kids form a pop group and go on adventures with their newfound alongside certain special guests to whom the kids would meet along the way. with DC Comic characters Wonder Woman and Superman;The Lone Ranger and . What chance would you think that The Brady Kids would meet up with Superman, Lone Ranger & Tonto, Wonder Woman, Clint Flint, Charlie Chan, and so many.

However, the lyrics are different. I am not quite sure the lyric about Marlon listed below is correct, but this is what I could make of it. The show itself differs from The Brady Bunch in many ways. First, there is no mention of Mike, Carol, Alice or Sam. The Brady Kids apparently exist independent of any adult supervision. Since six children were not enough characters to generate story lines from, the producers of The Brady Kids created some other characters to share adventures with them.

There is a dog named Mop Top.

brady kids meet superman

Since the animated series began during season four of The Brady Bunch, the use of Tiger might have raised too many questions from young viewers. I am sure viewers young and old questioned the addition of two giant panda cubs named Ping and Pong.

This duo speaks only Chinese gibberish. The other critter along for the fun is more intelligent than the pandas and the dog. Marlon is a fully conversational bird with magic powers! Regular appearing human characters were Chuck and Fleetwood.

brady kids meet superman

Wikipedia lists a third female character, but she was not in the episodes I viewed on YouTube. Fleetwood seemed like an easygoing kind of guy who was along for the ride. Chuck was a slow witted muscled up guy who was somewhat of an antagonist to the Brady kids.

Peter was working for the school newspaper and using a tape recorder. He unintentionally records two robbers planning a jewel heist from the local wax museum.

This same wax museum just honored the Brady kids with wax statues of themselves.

brady kids meet superman

This all works together to help the kids thwart the jewel heist. This episode did have two lines that were funny to me.

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Bobby declares having wax statues made of him and his siblings is cool. Marlon says, it should be or the kids would melt.

Later in the episode, the kids visit the other wax exhibits in the museum. As they look at a statue depicting Edgar Allen Poe, Peter says he wishes he could interview the long deceased author and find out how it feels to be enshrined in wax.

This was the first time Wonder Woman appeared in an animated series.

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The show produced several spinoffs and several revivals by the way during the 's and 's and well into the 's. It wasn't until the early 's when "The Brady Bunch" would make the jump from prime-time into the venture of Saturday Morning cartoons. This cartoon only featured the kids,and was adjunct to the prime-time series which was still on the air when this animated version premiered only this time around minus the parents Mike and Carol Brady played respectively by Robert Reed and Florence Hendersonand the housekeeper Alice played by Ann B.


Davis and having the kids in their own adventures. This was on the same ground as "The Scooby Doo Movies" which premiered the same year as this show but on another network. Other characters that the kids encountered were that of Marlon,a wisecracking black myna bird complete with a twirling tail and a wizard's cap and then there is Ping and Pong,two comical twin pandas from China voiced by Larry Storch of F-Troop fame ,and a dog named Mop Top who resembled a tan version of The Archies' Hot Dog since on the prime-time sitcom,the family pooch named Tiger was gone after the first season.

The latter part of the show featured the kids singing bubblegum tunes in the form of The Archies. After the series left ABC in ,repeated episodes of the series continue on its Sunday Morning roster until January of Man this show sucked! This show really sucked. It was bad enough to have the Brady Bunch, but having the kids on the Brady Bunch have their own Saturday morning cartoon is insane.

C'mon who thought that a talking bird who could perform magic could be entertaining?! Apparently the people who made this show thought it was, especially due to the fact that they were probably smoking something too.

Not only that, this show was also made by Filmation which is quite know as "The worst cartoon studio in the world". If you see the kids from the Brady Bunch animated avoid at all costs!

This actually got on television?

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This show made less sense than it's live counter part. Would someone please tell me what the point of a talking bird who can perform magic was? And I'm telling you this much, I think less of Superman and his owners for letting him appear on this waste of paper.