Grpa district 6 swim meet 2012 electoral votes


grpa district 6 swim meet 2012 electoral votes

The State Athletic Committee met six times this past year. Membership meeting for a membership vote. .. December 4, at the President's Assembly in Griffin, Georgia; March 26 in Statesboro, Georgia; and . Numerous District tournaments in swimming, adult softball, baseball, football, etc. that meets program criteria as a policy document, as an operations guide, . the country, Gwinnett County Public Schools will receive $1 million in college scholar - . pools and one outdoor pool, five dog park areas, six cultural/historic sites, agency in the State by the Georgia Recreation and Parks Association (GRPA). Minutes Of the City Council Meeting, August 13, Councilman Barton gave a second with all voting aye, motion approved. for the Cherokee Mill Loft project at the Depot Community Room on August 27th at pm. . Recreation Department hosted the GRPA 5th District Swim Meet on July 7,

Setting goals and working towards achievement of those goals are the keys to developing the values the YMCA seeks to instill. While there are no guarantees that goals will be met, it is important that swimmers take the responsibility to prepare themselves to the best of their ability in an effort to reach their goals.

Preparation is a critical life skill. Whether or not a swimmer meets their goal, we encourage them to feel good about the accomplishments they have made and the experiences they ve had. The role of the swim team, its coaches and volunteers is to teach the skills necessary to compete in a healthy and respectful way, recognizing and demonstrating that winning is not everything and the process is as important as the outcome. It is important that we all work together to provide a well-run program for the children.

The team cannot run without adequate parent support. Those families not doing their share jeopardize the smooth management and operations of team events that can lead to burnout for families who consistently volunteer their time and effort.

Please have at least one family member help for home meets. Opportunities include, but are not limited to: High School Swimmers Swimmers who compete on the high school team are encouraged to begin their swim season with the MYST team prior to the start of high school practice.

By doing so, swimmers may qualify to compete at Districts, States, and Nationals. The locker rooms may be used by members of the general public during practice times.

Meadville YMCA Swim Team - PDF

Please be respectful towards others and the MARC facility. Horseplay including running and screaming, turning out lights, climbing on lockers, and general mischief will not be accepted.

Once high school season starts there will be times we will be practicing on Friday nights, depending on the high school s home meet schedule. New this year is attendance requirements. It is up to the swimmer and parent to determine what practices and meets they can attend.

grpa district 6 swim meet 2012 electoral votes

We want the swimmer to be successful and have fun, but don t want them to burnout. All new swimmers will start in the bronze level and will be moved up if ready. If a new swimmer has experience on a swim team they will be placed by the coach based on their ability. Please note the new practice times and group breakdowns: Able to swim 25 yard freestyle Able to swim 25 yard backstroke Able to swim 50 yards of the 4 legal strokes butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle Can swim yards freestyle continuously Able to swim the IM Streamlines off wall Able to watch the time clock and understand concept of time intervals for sets Front start from deck or starting blocks Flip turn for freestyle Coaches Discretion Able to swim 50 yards of the 4 legal strokes butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle Able to swim continuously without a counter Capable of reading a pace clock on their own.

Has good clock management knows when to leave, knows to leave 5 seconds apart, etc. In freestyle, can breathe every 3 strokes to show breath control Completes all flip turns and open turns correctly in both races and practices Can perform a racing start off the block Streamlines and does not breathe off wall for freestyle and butterfly Coaches discretion Practice time requirements 10 x 50 s Free on 1: Practices will include pool work, dry land training, and meet preparation.

Pool work will focus on improving stroke technique, starts and turns, and building endurance. Dry land training will focus on building team unity, learning proper technique, and physical conditioning. Meet preparation will include goal setting and meet etiquette.

Swimmers will be responsible for assisting in the setup, tear down, and clean up. All swimmers will be expected to pitch in and help. For each practice session, swimmers should bring: Guidelines for a successful practice - Swimmers should arrive minutes before start of practice time. Please do not block doors on deck.

Take emergency breaks between sets. Your ability level is your own-others should not be expected to meet your standards or hold back for you. Parents to avoid problems please do not approach any swimmers other than your own. Please arrive early to get ready and help set up. Away meets are prescheduled and parents are responsible for transportation to these meets. Addresses are in the parent handbook maps and directions will be available for those parents who need them.

Swimmers must complete the meet sign-up sheet by the end of practice Wednesday prior to a dual meet. Parents of midgets, cadets, and preps must sign your child up The meet sign up indicates that a swimmer will be competing in the dual meet and lists the events the swimmer would like to compete in.

They may choose 3 and are guaranteed at least one of them.

District 6 Class A & B/C Swimming Championship - Morgan County Recreation Department

The swim meet binder will be on the counter in the lobby going into the pool. Each swimmer can compete for points in up to 3 events-one of which must be a relay. Additional events could be swum as exhibition if possible at the coach s discretion. Open Invitational Meets are hosted by each individual team in our league. Swimmers from all teams may compete and may enter as many events as they wish. Invitational meets are normally staged as fundraisers for the host team, so a fee is charged for every event entered.

Entries and payment are normally due 3 weeks prior to the date of the invitational. A binder with registration sheets for invitational s can be found on the lobby counter.

Complete the registration sheet and place your payment in the file cabinet that holds the mail folders. Please write your swimmer s name and the invitational it is for in the memo. Coach Nikki will be attending the invitational s if 8 or more swimmers are registered to attend.

Swimmers who wish to attend any other invitational may do so as unattached. Please let Coach Nikki know of your intent to swim and pay fees due so that he may send in the entry by the deadline. A swimmer must have competed in 3 meets. Qualifying times are determined prior to the start of the season. Protests and Appeals; Article IV: Youth Cheerleading Article I: Youth Lacrosse Article I: Games and Awards Article V: Tournament Bid for Form: The athletic manual is available online at It is located under the athletics tab and you must be logged in to gain access.

Certified or notarized hospital birth records will be acceptable. The A class is all agencies with more than 5, youth population in the county. The B class is all agencies with under 6, youth population. This does not include individual sports. This becomes effective after December, Hosting State Events 1. Before any state tournament is awarded, the facility should be inspected by a member of the state athletic committee to make sure the facility meets the GRPA state tournament standards.

All Championship play tournament information: Add in last sentence: The mandatory coaches meeting should be one hour prior to team first game. Change word in first sentence from trying to tying. Put clarification in EP rule for baseball. Add to case book: Can a player pitch 3 innings in a game then play a second game the same day and pitch 2 innings and be removed and return to pitch later in that game? Reword to reflect the use of the EP.

Take out the but never any closer than 46 feet of home plate when pitch is delivered. Page 4 5 b. Make same as softball with machine 5 feet behind batter s box.

A game which is tied after regulation play or the time limit has expired shall continue until a winner is determined by using the tie breaker rule. Change all age division to the correct age group. Age divisions should be: Relay teams must be composed of members from one Agency team, and not a districtwide relay team or participants from more than one Agency team. Page add to answer: Senior Baseball State Tournament dates to the last weekend in June.

A player must play 1 defensive inning 3 outs and 1 offensive inning 1 at bat. Roster limit for baseball is 12 participants. International tie-breaker rule will be used for boys baseball. Base distance will be 80 feet. If a batted ball hits the machine, the batter will be awarded the first base with a deal ball single. Senior Softball State Tournament dates to the last weekend in June. Roster limit in basketball will be 10 players. Page 5 6 Swimming and Diving 1. Agencies must attend one of the three state-wide swim meetings to cover the rules and regulations for the state swim meet.

If a swimmer lives within a subdivision that encompasses multiply counties or agencies, that swimmer can choose the agency to compete with. Page Section B Number 3: Page Section B Number 4: Youth coaches must be certified by one of the following programs: Page Section C Number 8 A maximum of 3 entries will be accepted by any agency in any classification, and any ties at the district or agency competition must be decided before entries are sent to the state host.

A swimmer would still swim in one age group for individual events, but could then swim up in age to participate in relays. Page Section A Number 2 A certified letter must be signed by the agency director stating the agency has swimmers 7 years and above participating in their swim program.

District must approve and send to state prior to the district swim entry meeting. Page Section C Number 1 Agencies must send in qualifying individual results and they can only be entered in the state meet in the events they swam in the qualifying meets. In relays, two alternate runners can be listed and they are the only ones who can substitute in case of injury or sickness. Starting heights in high jump for boys and girls 10 and under is 3 0.

Adult Softball state tournaments will have a deadline of 10 days prior to the tournament date. All teams must participate in their district tournament to be eligible to participate in the state tournament.

State host team and defending champion would still be entered into the tournament. The third weekend would host the regular divisions and the fourth weekend would host the special divisions.

A foot line will be in the outfield that the outfielders must remain behind while a female is at bat in co-ed games. The penalty for outfielders being over the line will be all base runners advance up one base and the batter awarded first base. Base distance is 70 feet at district and state competition.

State B/C Swim

Mixed doubles added in youth tennis. Alternates will be allowed to GRPA rosters for doubles competition with a maximum of one alternate in mixed doubles: To unite one organization in all competitive athletics conducted by agency members of GRPA; 2. To promote and maintain high standards of athletic competition and sportsmanship in Georgia; 3. To promote and provide the best training and guidance for athletic coaches and game officials; 4. To promote recognition of recreation sports; 5.

To improve and expand athletic participation; 6. To provide athletic and professional fellowship; 7. To assist in any practical way, the improvement of athletic competition throughout Georgia and to promote and regulate state championships where desirable and practical; and 8.

GRPA District 6: 100 free relay Bennett

Reference is to types of activities, specific rules and qualifications for participants. Manuals are to be made available at nominal costs to individuals and without charge to GRPA agency members, GRPA district commissioners, State Athletic Committee members and such organizations deemed appropriate by the committee chairman.

Adopted the 4 th day of January Revised December 11, Page 7 8 ; January 31, ; January 4, ; January 11, ; January 9, ; January 7, ; September 9, ; September 14, ; September 23, ; September 14, ; September 25, ; September 16 and 17, ; September 16, ; September 29, ; September 28, ; September 19, ; September 12, ; September 18, ; August 27, ; August 25, ; August 22, ; September 19, ; August 19, ; September 14, ; September 8, ; August 17, ; September 11, ; September 9, ; September 9,September 2, ; August 28,August 29,August0ctoberOctoberSeptember 21, December 19,September 14, November 19, The Georgia Recreation and Park Association, Inc.

It is earnestly hoped that the following will help everyone to understand their responsibilities at an athletic contest. Exemplify the highest moral character, behavior and leadership, adhering to strong standards of ethics and integrity. Respect the integrity and personality of the individual athlete. Abide by and teach the rules of the game in letter and in spirit.

Set a good example for coaches, players and spectators to follow. Make no gestures which indicate an official or opposing coach does not know what he or she is doing or talking about. Do not throw any object in disgust. Coaches, shake hands with the officials and the opposing coaches before and after the contest in full view of the public.

grpa district 6 swim meet 2012 electoral votes

Please confine your remarks to game statistics and to the performance of your team. Be no party to the use of profanity or obscene language, or improper actions. Accept and understand the seriousness of your responsibility and the privilege of representing the department and the community.

Learn the rules of the game thoroughly and discuss them with parents, fans, fellow coaches, and athletes. This will assist both them and you in the achievement of a better understanding and appreciation of the game.

Treat opponents the way you would like to be treated, as a guest or friend. Who better than you can understand all the hard work and team effort that is required of your sport? Never direct remarks at opponents in a taunting manner. Wish opponents good luck before the game and congratulate them in a sincere manner; just as you would like to be greeted following either victory or defeat.

Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials. The officials are doing their best to help promote you and your sport. Treat them with respect, even if you disagree with their judgment, and your reputation will only benefit. Leave a positive impression of you and your team in the eyes of the officials and all people at the event.

Page 10 11 Understand the seriousness and responsibility of your role and the privilege of representing the department and the community in which you live. Establish standards of desirable behavior and attempt to transfer that to your spectators. Select positive comments which praise your team without antagonizing the opponents. Encourage a positive crowd alternative when booing or an inappropriate behavior begins. Give encouragement to injured players and recognition to outstanding performances for both teams.

Praise athletes in their attempt to improve themselves both as young athletes and as people. Refrain from the use of any controlled substances alcohol, drugs, etc. In all you do, promote ideals and fundamentals of good sportsmanship. Speak out about acts of sportsmanlike behavior and do not give undue publicity to unsportsmanlike conduct. Refrain from making negative comments toward participants, coaches, or officials.

Report facts without demonstrating partiality to either team. Accept your role in an unassuming manner. Showboating and over-officiating are not acceptable. Maintain confidence and poise, controlling the contest from start to finish. Know the rules of the game thoroughly and abide by the established Good Sportsmanship Code. Publicly shake hands with coaches of both teams before the contest.

Never exhibit negative emotions or argue with participants and coaches when enforcing rules. When watching a game as a spectator, give the officials the same respect you expect to receive when working a contest. Develop a program for teaching and promoting the ideals and fundamentals of Good Sportsmanship within the program and the state association. Provide appropriate supervisory personnel for each event.

grpa district 6 swim meet 2012 electoral votes

Support participants, coaches, and fans who teach and display good sportsmanship. Recognize exemplary behavior and actively discourage undesirable conduct by participants, coaches, and fans.