Meet an cleaves claws

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meet an cleaves claws

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meet an cleaves claws

The beginning line of the novel has got to be one of the creepiest lines I've read in a long time and is really the best way to hook the intended audience. Charlie wakes up with bumps, bruises, blood, and other murder-scene parapher After finishing my first Paul Cleave novel, The Killing Hour I have mixed thoughts on it so let's begin with an outline of the story.

Absurdly Sharp Claws

Charlie wakes up with bumps, bruises, blood, and other murder-scene paraphernelia on his person with no idea how he's come to be such a mess. The news is on about the death of two friends who have died by the hands of Cyrus, a seriel killer no one is sure exists. Upon hearing the news of the gruesome deaths of the two women, Charlie starts to piece together what has happened the night before.

He goes to find aide from his ex-wife Jo who doesn't believe him and is figuring he's the killer since she's seen the worse side of Charlie before. Because Jo doesn't believe Charlie, he kidnaps her to keep her safe and from calling the police. Cleave warns the audience that the novel was initially written as a horror novel and I think that's awesome. Charlie's being able to speak with and see dead people is an element that is used primarily in the horror world because of its supernatural qualities, but eventually the steam is let out of that bag.

It becomes just one more annoying quality about Charlie's whole storyline.

Absurdly Sharp Claws - TV Tropes

These dead people come into play at the most inopportune moments seeming like they're thrown in for dramatic affect but really serving no purpose except to add to the darkness that is this novel. Most notable example is Raviel, Lord of Phantasms. His attack name is Shimmering Scraper. Coming from a giant monster with sharp claws, it definitively hurts.

Apparently, many youkai and hanyou have this in InuYasha. Koga often uses his claws in combat, and Inuyasha this does also. He visually resembles a werelionbut he is an Awakened Beingand fights with his claws.

On his first appearance, he kills four out of five high-ranking warriornesses.

meet an cleaves claws

Comic Books Happens as a gag in Cattivik when the titular character is cut to ribbons by a lion. Wolverine has shown he still has tremendous cutting power even when he just has his natural claws, which are noted to be made of dense bone rather than keratin.

By extension, this also applies to Daken and Xalthough the former's natural claws are actually of some kind of metallic composition, and the latter had hers coated with adamantium before they ever saw any real use. Sabertooth is another example, with smaller, more cat-like retractable claws in his fingers that have been known to cut steel. Lucrezia Borgia serves as an agent of the Hell Lord Satannish. She is granted Absurdly Sharp Claws coated with poison.

meet an cleaves claws

The Venom and Carnage symbiotes can shape shift to form razor-sharp claws and arm-blades. The cat who lives next door to Charlie Brown and Snoopy is able to rip large portions of Snoopy's doghouse off in a single swipe, though it's unclear whether this demonstrates sharpness or sheer brute strength.

Either way, you wouldn't want to meet that feline in a dark alley. Films — Animation Puss-in-Boots from the Shrekverse is often seen cutting glass with one claw, very quickly. Puss generally picks his fights using his sword.

The Killing Hour

In Shrek 3, Donkey attempted to duplicate the trick after being body-swapped with Puss, but due to lack of skill, it didn't quite work. Films — Live-Action In Fearlessone of the opponents Huo Yuanjia fights uses a form named "Tiger Claw" that involves him scratching h is opponent with his bare nails. Apparently, he can slowly rip your shirt if you let him get close enough.

In Van Helsingwerewolf Gabriel leaves claw-marks on a stone statue during his brawl with Dracula. Split Secondthe Rutger Hauer movie, is a great example for this trope. The creature uses its huge claw to shred through the roof of a subway train like a hot knife through butter. It has to be seen to be believed. The monsters from Feast are described as having 'claws like Ginsu Knives'.

meet an cleaves claws

Literature Andalite tail-blades in the Animorphs -verse are demonstrably sharp enough to cut metal and lop off limbs.

In DragonbackK'da claws are sharp enough to cut through metal.

Top 3 "Broken Builds" By LYFE - Game Breaking Builds - Ascension

And not just slash through it either; at one point Draycos uses this ability to carve a precise hole in a shuttle's hull as sabotage. In the "fast lane" you can reach speeds of up to thirty miles per hour!

meet an cleaves claws

Usually taking six years to get to Brooklyn from Queens! However, this comes with a risk: What's even scarier is that you only really get to see these claws above the fumes.

One swipe can decapitate a helmeted Hirogen. In the Supernatural episode "Heart" S02, Ep 17we find that werewolves have thick gray claws that leave scratch marks in the side of a concrete building.