Meet me halfway at least we stole

Meet Me Halfway (Stetson Series Book 2) by Xyla Turner

meet me halfway at least we stole

He let go of my arms with a little shove to push me away from him. “How?” “Nope, your “She stole it from me, and before you ask, I “Sure. Her family was well connected and so was his, but after she met me, she didn't spend much time with her old set. She said at least eight words before I made up my mind about her. unrehearsed, and for an instant he thought it ridiculous, but then he knew he was right. “I have a meeting on Monday in Beijing with. “You stole my car. “At least I hope it's somewhere safe. “I think that's hardly meeting me halfway.” “I was. Meet Me Halfway, at Least is the debut album from English rock band Deaf Havana. It was produced by Matt O'Grady (You Me at Six) and was released on 5 .

Nina recognizes that she needs answers from her parents in order to let go of the past and open herself up to the possibility of a future committed relationship. Knox JD's brother and Nina Tess' best friend are commitment phobes. Knox is a straight up shoot from the hip crude see quote caveman and makes no apologies for his neanderthal tendencies.

Nina is a no-nonsense tolerated, I can do it myself woman.

Once they finally figure out it okay to need each other, there is no stopping the inevitable. It's more than that and even if the thought of being hog-tied and dying from suffocation scares us, there should be something sacred about us.

I spent a lot of time fantasizing and dreaming about your pussy, then a whole week of taking my fill of it, so I'm laying claim to it. Don't want no one sniffing around it, licking or touching it with any of their parts, unless it's your hand and I'm instructing you to do something. I'll show you the same courtesy with my dick, and I say we go from there.

I would have liked to see a hell of lot more actual dialogue between Knox and Nina but I was glad that they were able to sort themselves out so they could be together.

Feb 14, Kashi Ashley Lowe rated it really liked it This was a cute read. I'm really excited to read book 3 though. Though she would never admit that. A few seconds later Rachel's phone beeped. Relax babe, they guys and I saw a sign for the world's biggest ball of earwax and we decided to check it out. It was only a bit out of the way.

We'll be there in an hour or so. She breathed a sigh of relief and read the text to everyone. And Quinn had to agree. Two hours after Puck had texted Rachel; Tina was starting to get worried so she texted Mike.

meet me halfway at least we stole

He responded soon after and said they had run into a bit of a problem and to not worry. He didn't go into details but at the time the girls weren't too worried and they went down to the water to have some fun. But Tina couldn't help but worry… Mike wasn't telling them everything so even though she went along with the others, she couldn't stop thinking about what the guys were doing. Two hours after that; after the girls had made and eaten lunch Tina was pacing the cabin frantically. They had all texted each of the guys and no one had responded so that had Tina worrying even more.

Finally, it was Mercedes who got a response. Don't worry babe, the car was towed and I'll explain later but don't worry we'll be there in an hour or so. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Well except for Tina. She huffed and continued to pace. Which she was still doing an hour later when they guys finally piled into the house.

Rachel let out a relived sigh and Quinn smiled at her super sweet girlfriend. Santana looked over their rumpled clothes and exasperated expressions and she held back a laugh.

Especially at the black eye that Finn was sorting. Meanwhile Tina glared at the five boys in front of her. You better have one hell of an explanation Michael Robert Chang," she yelled and Mike winced but stepped closer. Artie covered his head with his hands as she flailed in Mike's arms. Mike held her tight. She resisted at first because she was angry but she was also so grateful that he was in one piece that she let the anger go with a frustrated sigh.

He smiled down at her and cupped her cheek. Santana scoffed loudly at their sheer stupidity. Puck threw himself in a nearby chair, still exhausted from the ordeal they had been in. Everyone else settled into seats to hear the boys recount their day and Rachel couldn't help but be excited at what they had been up to for five hours she just hoped she didn't hear anything too disturbing. Mike sat down in a chair and pulled Tina onto his lap, he could feel that she was still upset with him but he also could tell how relieved she was.

Why I agreed to the whole guys and girls carpooling idea I'll never know. All I knew was right at that moment I would have much rather been cuddling next to Tina on the beach then being wedged in the backseat of a car between Sam and Artie. I looked over at Sam and could tell by his annoyed expression that he was feeling the same way.

World's Largest Ball of Earwax- 5 Miles. I rolled my eyes and growled low and then before I knew it we were on the road to the earwax. Santana smiled and nodded while Mike hung his head. They were both very curious as to how a five mile detour took five hours.

He closed his mouth and just helped Mike get Artie back into the car. Once we were on the road again, I was grumbling from the passenger's seat.

I mean we essentially took this detour for nothing and now we're only going to get made fun of by Santana. I was going to do a search for where the World's Largest Ball of Earwax was located but as expected I didn't have a signal.

And that was when I saw it. He didn't say anything back because he knew that Santana was just defending Brittany. It was silent for a few moments with Puck and Santana merely staring at each other. Rachel waited as long as Rachel Berry could wait before she spoke. She smiled when she felt Quinn's hand drawing little hearts on her leg. She cuddled back into those arms and Sam started to talk.

When she saw that all eyes were on her- well mostly all the eyes… Mercedes' were on Sam, Tina's were on Mike and oddly enough Sugar's were on Artie- but all the guys and Santana were glaring at her. He smiled stupidly and continued. As Puck got in the car and Finn drove off; curiosity got the better of me and I looked inside the bags and saw that there was a six pack of beer in one and three bottles in the other.

I didn't pull the bottles out to see what they were because I was too nervous. Her pout went away when she felt Quinn's lips on her neck. She leaned into Quinn's touch. But Puck turned around and looked at me. Put this around your feet," he passed me his backpack and I took it without question. So I looked at Finn and patted his shoulder. When all eyes landed on him, he started to tell the story. It felt way too surreal to actually be happening. Sam's mouth was wide open and he stared at Finn; Mike's eyes were closed and his head was back against the seat, he was muttering something under his breath and Puck's head was in his hands.

Meanwhile Finn would not shut the fuck up, and I think we were all wishing he would. His eyes then moved to the backseat and he looked at all of us. He looked back to Finn. His smile disappeared instantly and Finn handed the cop his information. I think everyone was panicking in their own way and once Sam got Puck off of Finn I could see blood on Puck's hand and knew Finn was bleeding from somewhere.

But everyone ignored him and Artie continued. He didn't have to take us down to the station he was just having fun with us. None of it was open so he couldn't arrest us for that. No most cops would've given us a ticket, confiscated the goods and moved on. He was having fun. Well almost all because they fucking forgot me! I could tell that Finn and Sam were too and Puck looked pretty scared as well. But I really started to freak out when another cop car pulled up and parked behind the first one.

The cop frisked Sam and Finn and put them into the car that had just gotten there and then he frisked Puck and me and put us into his car.

Timbaland - If We Ever Meet Again ft. Katy Perry (Official Music Video)

He got in and his eyes landed on Puck. He let me and Puck back out and back over to the car. The cop led me to the side Artie was on and looked at me. The cop looked between the three of us. As soon as the cop walked away Puck went to the other side of the car. I opened Artie's door and he was yelling. Some friends you are.

I mean you forgot me… in a car… on the side of the highway. Would you forget me then?

Meet Me Halfway, at Least - Wikipedia

I mean serio-" "What are you doing? Then he hurriedly went around the car and helped me get Artie out just in time for the cop to come back and open the trunk. Puck and I carried Artie into the cop car while the cop carried his chair and put it into his own trunk. It was awesome," Finn said. Like for instance I now know that he once stole his mom's panties and wore them to school in first grade.

So once he left we waited. There was really no point in arguing. I mean how lucky for me that I got the cop that was the one that remember that we forgot him. I can't even believe you guys-" "Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up! My eyes landed on the amused cop.

Meet Me Halfway

I just tried my best to tune him out and I knew at that moment that those cops were just having fun with us. Maybe he was bored and wanted to mess with you guys… maybe he's just a fucking moron. I can't be sure about that but I can be sure that there was no alcohol in that car," the cop gave me another smug grin and said.

But once Santana grasped his arm and told him she wanted to see where he hid it and start getting their drink on he forgot all about his guilt. Quinn leaned over Rachel and whispered. Rachel couldn't believe how quickly the week had gone by they only had two days left and she knew exactly how she wanted to spend them.

Tonight she wanted to spend the evening with her lady and camp out under the stars and then tomorrow night she wanted a night of wild fun with her family… before they had to leave each other; and some of them for good. She shook those horrid thoughts from her mind and focused on this evening.

She was currently lying on a beach towel as the girls were catching some sun and the guys were playing football. She looked over at Quinn. She was leaning on her elbows and she was reading her copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Rachel watched and as her eyes peered over Quinn she felt herself getting turned on. Who could blame her though?

Quinn was wearing a red bikini and her hair was pushed back with a white headband and her glasses were slipping down her nose as she was too immersed in her book to even notice. She did notice- however- when she heard Rachel moan.

She cocked her head to the side and peered at her sexy girlfriend. What she saw was that Rachel was checking her out; with her eyes currently focused on her ass.

She giggled and smirked when Rachel's eyes met hers.

When it was clear she wasn't going to finish, Quinn spoke. She shook out of it and looked back at Quinn. Well at her lips anyway; Quinn giggled again. Everyone had given them so much grief about them being loud but it was Santana and Brittany who had been annoyingly loud in their sexcapades this week.

She was usually the one who planned surprises and she also knew that Rachel hated being surprised. Quinn smiled smugly but her smiled disappeared when their lips crashed together in a heated kiss that left both of them breathless.

Mmm," Rachel moaned into her mouth before pulling away and opening her eyes. Let's go give Satan and Britt a run for their money. And as she walked toward the guys she knew Quinn's eyes were on her. Meanwhile Quinn's eyes were locked on her ass and how amazing her body looked in her light green bikini. She knew, Rachel knew she was watching and she was sure the extra swag in Rachel's step was for her benefit.

Their eyes were locked and Santana made a gagging sound. Rachel pulled her eyes away from Quinn and then she looked at Tina and Sugar. She didn't exactly like the idea of Rachel being upset but she couldn't help but enjoy jealous Rachel and how she claimed her during the times Sugar becomes inappropriate. Rachel had instructed Quinn to dress comfortably and that was what Quinn was doing when Rachel knocked on the door.

Quinn opened it and Rachel sucked in a breath.

meet me halfway at least we stole

Quinn was wearing a tight pair jean shorts and a tank top and her hair was in a messy bun and even though it was simple and looked very comfortable it still was breath taking. Quinn laced her fingers with Rachel's and pulled her in for a kiss. Rachel could feel that this kiss was quickly becoming passionate and if she didn't end it soon they would be here all night; so she reluctantly pulled off of those heavenly lips.

Once outside Rachel led Quinn down to the water. The moon light was creating perfect lighting as the girls slipped the flip flops off and walked toward the water. Their fingers interlocked and they walked along the shore and it was quiet and peaceful and absolutely perfect. After walked up and down the shore of the lake a few times, Rachel walked over to a backpack that was in the sand. Quinn hadn't noticed it before and she smiled as she watched Rachel pull a blanket out of the bag and lay it on the sand.

She sat down and wiped her hands before reaching for Quinn's. When Quinn joined her Rachel wrapped her in her arms and they cuddled close. It was quiet for a very long time only the sound of their breathing and their perfectly in tune heartbeats. We have been inseparable for as long as we've been together and now we're moving away from home and we won't even have each other," Rachel nodded furiously because Quinn really did understand.

The tears were threatening to escape but she kept them at bay. She didn't want to ruin this night any more than she already had. And as they kissed Rachel felt her worries slipping away just like they always did when she was wrapped up in Quinn.