Sedan swap meet 2013

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sedan swap meet 2013

When I posted about the JCCA New Year Meeting last week, my primary goal was to show just how overwhelming the event is. The show. Swap Meet تحتوي على من الأعضاء . Sell buy do Honda Accord Sedan -Runs Great -Recent . (مُباع) Honda Accord rims & tires. $ This is probably the most popular of all Orange County swap meets that features vehicles of all kinds. More than two million people visit the swap meet on a.

Nor did we purchase something called the Baku Horn, named after the dream-devouring spirits of Japanese folklore. This hardly looks like the same car as the Suzuki Kei, but it is. Clearly it was not meant for export to Spanish-speaking countries.

sedan swap meet 2013

Merchants hawked a variety of nostalgic toys as well. Kaiju or scooter, take your pick. Lights, steering wheels, fender mirrors, and more.

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Truckloads of old Japanese parts, just there for the taking if you have the wherewithal to bring it back. Humans buy many things.

sedan swap meet 2013

We first took notice of the 50cc Yamaha Passol when Skorj snapped a photo of the coolest cat ever to ride a 50cc two-stroke during his visit to the Fuji Jamboree. The elegant design and sheer simplicity make us yearn for its 80s awesomeness.

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However, my personal true love on two wheels is still the Honda SuperCub. I think I might need one to weave around in Los Angeles traffic, basket and all. Is there any job the Mark II wagon cannot do? There are many ways to cover ground at the swap meet. Masa-san must have thought we were insane to be taking photos of, say, a third-generation Suzuki Jimny, but he indulged us patiently. One of our favorites was a mids Toyota Crown Van, complete with steelies, fender mirrors, round headlights and bars in the rear windows.

Needless to say, the sanitora is completely dwarfed by the supersized slab of Aichi — or San Antonio, rather — steel. In addition to the expected brands, there were also many sellers with factory steel wheels that had been widened into some properly wicked sizes. As I said in my first post, it might be better not to say for fear of inducing extreme jealously towards our friends that live in Japan.

Sedan Swap Meet

And what would a rare set of wheels be without some equally awesome tires? These old Bridgestone slicks were especially badass. Do I own a car these overfenders fit? On the other hand, I think I could easily find a way to put these Nissan L-series Webers to good use… Marchal lamps are long time favorites among the kyusha crowd.

sedan swap meet 2013

There were plenty of them for sale — both new and used. Some sellers, like Revive Jalopy brought out piles of restoration parts. Here we see a set of S30 tail lamps with an S20 cam cover peeking out from the corner.

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The especially cool thing is that most of the sellers had a huge variety of stuff in one booth. And speaking of models, the selection of vintage kits was just as impressive as the aforementioned wheels. Many of these have been out of production for decades, so scale builders and collectors come out to the New Year meeting in big numbers.