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D. By THOMAS BROWN, the Younger. The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held at the King's Concert Rooms, in the Hill market, is. bound. the Art and Practice of Illustrated by six Tradotta published, mo. price 8. BYE-BRO“ S, Sec. to a beautiful glossy and permanent Brown or Black, . Sold by Joe. Thomas Newman – How To Make An American Quilt Thomas Newman – Meet Joe Black. Fun (great for sped . June 6, at PM # Anonymous. Meanwhile, Maitlis swiped photos of MPs on what Twitter wags called “the A nchors: News at Ten's Tom Bradby was at the helm, joined by Allegra Studio set: An Pierrot-esque black-and-white cuboid desk with Pundits: Cathy Newman, Gary Gibbon and the Channel 4 News .. 03 Jan , pm.

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A hazy purple, orangey and pink backdrop which had the air of a nightclub chillout room pass the Rizlas and gumplus a large oval table with too many people sitting around it, like a family Christmas dinner gatecrashed by uninvited cousins and drunk neighbours.

Luckily, bearded brainbox Mitchell was on hand to keep things jolly with his verbose comedic ranting. Lo-fi and low-budget compared to the other channels. Channel 4 was more about witty chat than wizardry. There were election-themed instalments of panel game 8 Out of 10 Cats tenuous and Gogglebox much betterwith the much-loved sofa spuds looking back over the election campaign.

We also enjoyed this exchange between two old warhorses. The blend of political analysis and satirical comedy was often unwieldy but occasionally inspired. Adam Boulton and Sophy Ridge co-hosted Vote The polished Dermot Murnaghan took over at 6am and proved a hit.

Political egghead Professor Michael Thrasher analysed results as they arrived. Ed Conway crunched the numbers while hopping around with a rolled-up script. Correspondent Lewis Goodall was let out of his lorry and into the studio. He looked about 12, which was off-putting. Not much of one, just desks with walls of screens behind them, as if Boulton was working in a Dixons shop window. Lightly friendly rather than crackling with electricity.

Perhaps they could hear Rupert Murdoch throwing his toys out of the pram down the corridor. Tim Farron arriving at a polling station Credit: Big on bar graphs and pie charts.

And the coverage was overly obsessed with which constituency would declare first, as if that was the important issue. Endless footage of Geordie students running around with ballot boxes felt like one of those "How baked beans are made" documentaries for schools, shown in classrooms on a wheeled-in teak Grundig.

Sunderland are taking paper counting far too seriously Overshadowed by the BBC and ITV big boys but a reliably clear, pacy option for channel-surfers whenever the terrestrial channels became annoying.