Fine line between love and hate in a relationship

The fine line between love and hate. – P.S. I Love You

fine line between love and hate in a relationship

It is easy to hate when the individual is in pain and feels alone. When someone experiences a breakup in a relationship, most of the time it is. When relationships come to an end, or when other things in life don't go our way it's much easier to do blame someone else than to be honest. If There Is A Fine Line Between Love And Hate, Why Do We Hate To at his inability or desire to craft a relationship together with wholeness.

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

There are lots of problems associated with crossing the line. Without love, whatever caused the hurt feelings is likely to gain force and grow even more suffering. The landscape of hatred is petty, selfish and entitled. Its features easily mislead us so that we righteously say and do things we would have otherwise thought unthinkable.

And, then, we're really in trouble when we realize that we have to choose between investing in a version that incites further harmful actions, or accepting accountability and asking forgiveness. Many of us prefer entrenchment in our self-justified, albeit harmful interpretations, to humble acknowledgment of our wrongdoing.

Courage is precious and in short supply, and shame can feel worse than anger. In the end, choosing anger simply increases the shame.

So what do you do when your significant other does something that makes you want to hate them? Or when your ex's actions suggest that love left a long time ago, leaving only angst and ugliness. How do you hold yourself with integrity so the blast of hatred doesn't level you and you don't embrace the temptation of retaliation?

If There Is A Fine Line Between Love And Hate, Why Do We Hate To Love? | Thought Catalog

It takes gentleness and firmness, and a deep-rooted confidence in morality. Seeking to inflict harm on others is never, ever justifiable as a goal.

fine line between love and hate in a relationship

I'm not advocating passivity. We have to stand up against bad behavior, at all levels, from the bedroom to the boardroom to the presidential campaign. We have to speak out against ugliness, hatred, intolerance, and vicious personal attacks, and we have to do so in a way that normalizes a culture in which such behaviors are not normative.

It is never right if a person you love, or a person you once loved, or even someone else somehow acting on their behalf, attacks you physically, verbally or spreads lies about you.

fine line between love and hate in a relationship

It is always unpleasant and sometime unsafe. If you are in danger, physically or emotionally, you have to get help and take reasonable steps to protect yourself. If you are not in danger, there are things you can do. Apply mindfulness so you know what's happening as its happening. I hate that I actually do know, thanks to Facebook. Love and hate are so closely entwined. Both are passionate, burning, all-consuming feelings.

fine line between love and hate in a relationship

Consider the relationship break-up process. Your heart is bursting at the seams with all-consuming feelings of unrequited love. Soon enough, this turns to anger. Your focus switches to the negatives, sometimes you become bitter. No, what my family should have been worried about is indifference. When you feel indifferent towards someone, they no longer matter. Their success or their Facebook posts mean literally nothing to you.

They lose their power. That all-consuming passion — love or hate — is gone. The gushing tap is turned off altogether. About Cass After moving from Adelaide to Melbourne in lateCassidy has decided to follow her passion and begin freelance writing.

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