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flirt maassilo fotos de amor

Foto's · Tekst verslagen · Video's · Interviews. Meer. Mainpage · Nieuws Sloppy Sundaes - Je Favo van de Week Disco Dolly Festivalterrein de AA, Beek en Donk NL. ZO 1 jul Silent Disco en Potluck In de Vrije Natuur .. Flirtation On The Beach 15th Anniversary Maassilo, Rotterdam NL. VR. Imagenes de amor para mi novia con frase bonita yo amo a mi hermosa novia My Poemas Romanticos De Amor | Chistes Funny Love, Cute Love, Always. dit zeg Swipe Swipe voor meer foto s en filmpje x #latin #latinvillage #loisjane #lois #dj #haarlem #adam # #gekkigheid! Wauw gewooon dat ik deze kans hebt gekregen dibuut in Maassilo ik heb For Everything is a first time yesterday flirtation festival u was fun! .. Felis dia di amor.. kurason Valentijn mixtape.

The citizen of Amsterdam regularly visits Jakarta to play in renowned clubs such as Embassy, Dragonfly and Blowfish. You could say that Irwan has gradually grown to that status of international deejay, starting at the Amsterdam Club Roxy where he became resident deejay halfway through the 90's at the infamous Asian parties.

Here he played exactly what he became known for: Today his style is described as 'urban eclectic', a very suited name that appears to be invented for deejay Irwan solely. After his time at the Roxy the true pioneers work kicked off Deejay Irwan landed at the largest clubs and festivals of the Netherlands, e.

The list is infinite, proving the simple fact that deejay Irwan's position at the top of the Dutch clubbing scene is nothing but justified. In recent years Irwan focussed not only on his deejaying but on his ambition for studio work as well.

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As a result of this, he can play his own edits of well-known records and produce increasingly successful new discs, often mixed with his own vocals. Multitalented Irwan is able to use his strong voice more and more in the studio, and during live performances!

flirt maassilo fotos de amor

The result is a unique deejay-set. Irwan knows how to combine his utterly fast mixes with scratches, vocals and the craziest effects.

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Not long after that Anderson was asked to play some music on birthday-parties of friends and friends of friends. Everyone was extremely enthusiastic, despite the fact that Anderson didn't do quite much but pressing the play and stop button. Quickly he got asked more frequently. It became a hobby, and Anderson didn't got paid for it.

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  • frases de amor y imágenes de amor para WhatsApp

In the same period Anderson started to regularly throw parties in his parent's house. His popularity increased and he even got a fan base.

flirt maassilo fotos de amor

In Sosa got himself a job at Pico Records, a store that's specialised in selling Latin music, this way he could combine his job and his hobby. Because he worked at Pico he got in touch with people with the same hobby. It was then that he got the offer to spin his records at Margarita's. In the meanwhile Sosa transferred from tapes to cd's, he only had around 40—50 cd's suitable for his audience.

In order not to look unprofessional he bought himself a cd-box that he filled up with cd's from friends and family. To him it didn't matter that the mere of these cd's were of local artists like Andre Hazes, he just didn't want anyone to notice that his cd-box was pretty empty. Sosa took the offer and stayed with Margarita's till DJ Sosa was back in Dominican Republic when he got the news that Margarita's was closed and would be sold, he was convinced that this would be the end of his career as a DJ, but it turned out not to be.

Other club-owners in Amsterdam lined up to fill the emptiness left by Margarita's. They got interested in latin-themed parties and DJ Sosa gratefully took advantage of the situation and increased his number of gigs.