Relationship between yeddyurappa and shobana

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relationship between yeddyurappa and shobana

Discover ideas about Bollywood News. Jayalalithaa passes Dhoti Bill in Assembly: The Removal of Restriction of Dress Act, was passed in the assembly. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will be filing his nomination from a second seat - that of Badami in North Karnataka - for the assembly. Shobha Karandlaje (born 23 October )is a politician of BJP from Karnataka, India and a and was appointed as the minister for rural development and Panchayat Raj in the B.S. Yeddyurappa government. External links[edit].

Do you think Kannadigas need a strong regional party like in TN? Anand I already answered this question if you can scroll up. I think a strong regional party is a good idea but it should follow the ideology of 'liberal nationalism' as etched out by the likes of Alura Venkat Rao and not 'fear-centred nationalism' as outlined by the likes of Chidanandamurthy.

relationship between yeddyurappa and shobana

I'm quoting a Kannada scholar Janaki Nair here. If Kannada a factor then why Mr. Vattal Nagaraj is not making any inroads. Kannada is not a factor and I have been intrigued by the topic for a long time. I think the reason Karnataka has not been unified by Kannada is why parties like the BJP have been successful.

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They have filled a gap of identity politics which Kannada could have occupied. I don't endorse harsh identity politics however. Also, has the Government declared Kannada as the classical language? Kannada has been declared a national language, but I think one mustn't worry about whether it has been 'declared' as one. It has a very rich cultural legacy and literature. Sir, what is your prediction of the outcomes of this election? I'm not in the business of predictions but I think everyone agrees that the Congress has a good chance.

Whether they will get a simple majority is the big debating point! The non Kannada electoral base is increasing year on year and the political fraternity - be it local party or national party - dance to the tunes of their electoral base.

Probably one of the reason for deterioration in taking any concrete measures for the upliftment of Kannada. Though not an advocate of the means adopted by Ka. Ve, at times guess thats the only way.

Especially after a leading 'Kannada' actress asked for vote in Tamil in Bangalore and audaciously justified her action.

relationship between yeddyurappa and shobana

I am not against any non kannada electorate, but am against their apathy towards Kannada ,Your thoughts please. Mahesh, just like you, I was disturbed by the lack of respect given to Kannada in Bangalore. I realised after some time that the problem lies within Kannadigas too. Since I am firmly against any politics of identity, I believe that our efforts towards Kannada should be in culture, cinema, literature, TV, etc.

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Kannada is perceived to be under threat in Bangalore. But identity politics are extremely dangerous so beyond a point I wouldn't support them. Why language based politics still exist in Karnataka and TN when there is no such thread to the local language? Despite everything I think deep down there is no threat to the local language.

Kannada will continue to thrive. What are the chances of a regional party coming to power in future elections in Karnataka? Will agenda of Kannada win elections in Karnataka?

relationship between yeddyurappa and shobana

It's an intriguing question. The chances of a strong regional party, to my mind, are unlikely now.

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The time for that was the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Is there any movement at all for Kannada in Karnataka?.

With what Kannada schools are either closed or in pathetic conditions. In this scenario, is it really possible for anyone to ask votes with Kannada agenda? Not really CP, for reasons I have written about above.

Kannada is not a factor in the Karnataka elections: HR Venkatesh - News18

Money was the only factor in Karnataka elections. I think the BJP to a large extent has filled the space for identity politics. I think the Kannada 'cause' has been hijacked by religious politics. So unless the BJP fades away completely, I doubt if there is space for a strong regional party.

The JD S is rooted in the Vokkaliga caste. The KJP perhaps by the Lingayats. So it is caste and religion that forms the backbone of identity politics in Karnataka.

I think Karnataka has been totally neglected by national parties. Only to an extent sir because the JD S is unified by caste, region and perhaps language too but there are other factors too!

Aliudding, I think the BJP was on a weak pitch this time round, to use a cricketing metaphor. Is there any movement at all for Kannada in Karnataka? CP I think I answered the question. But I will rephrase my thoughts again: I don't think it is possible for anyone to ask for votes on the basis of Kannada at the moment.

I'm not ruling it out in the future. But currently there seems to be no space for that kind of politics, especially because the BJP has made inroads by playing the religion card.

relationship between yeddyurappa and shobana

The history of Karnataka is different from other states because it was carved out of Bombay, Hyderabad, Madras and Mysore. Hi Venkatesh, good afternoon to you. I was little surprised with the exit poll verdict. Why did our people vote for congress?? Karnataka congress doesn't have unity among them. Kumarswamy would have been a ideally CM for Karnataka's future. By contesting from Badami he has proved two things: He has no confidence in winning from his own hometown.

By choosing a Kuruba dominant constituency, he showed he is no more than a 'one caste' leader. CM, when you recommended separate religion for Lingayats, you claimed to have their full backing!

In that case, why did you not choose a Lingayat dominant AC?

Karnataka Election Updates: BS Yeddyurappa's Son Vijayendra Not To Contest Assembly Polls

Or have you already realised that the move has backfired? A leader must look to win hearts, Mr. CM, not vote banks! CM, but because of the fear of imminent defeat in Chamundeshwari! You all may deny, but everyone knows how paranoid you are of Parameshwar and DK Shi sabotaging your 'last' chance! Siddu broke unity in society.

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Karma seems to be catching up! I am looking forward to a thundering speech on corruption by PM narendramodi on 1st May!