Developing a good relationship with yourself

The Importance of Having a Healthy Relationship With Yourself - One Love Foundation

developing a good relationship with yourself

What is a loving relationship with yourself? to constantly pull us into the mindset of 'you can be better' and 'you're not good enough'. Learning to be happy with who you are doesn't come overnight, but a daily practice can shift your mindset. Here are 5 tips for maintaining a healthy relationship. Into The Light Indonesia Suicide Prevention Community, Jakarta, Indonesia. K likes. Komunitas orang muda untuk kajian, advokasi dan edukasi mengenai.

A healthy relationship with ourselves is an ongoing process—again, just like any relationship. Notice your inner chatter. Pay attention to what you regularly tell yourself. Lawson practices diaphragmatic breathingprogressive muscle relaxation and yoga to better hear her body. These techniques help us pay attention to subtle cues that we gloss over every day as we focus more on our tasks and to-dos.

She shared these examples: Check in with yourself regularly. Lopez suggested regularly asking ourselves these questions: How am I taking care of myself?

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What can I do to improve my self-care practices? How can I make time for these practices? How satisfied do I feel in my personal and professional relationships?

developing a good relationship with yourself

What changes can I make to improve the quality of these relationships? What is taking the most time out of my day? If the answer is no, what changes can I make?

developing a good relationship with yourself

Do I feel connected to something I think is important and valuable? See the parts of yourself that you dislike as part of being human, Kang said.

She suggested sharing your flaws and insecurities with a close friend, or a coach or counselor. Finally, practice self-compassionwhich is a skill you can learn.

You will feel lighter, happier and calm.

How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Yourself Every Day

Do this daily if you can. Eat for your well-being not your tastebuds Ask yourself: If not, then you don't need to eat because you'll only feel bad afterwards. Think from the end. How do you want the food you eat to make you feel? Help someone else When you feel helpless, help another.

How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Yourself Every Day

This shifts your energy away from wallowing in self-pity to being of service, which will only uplift your mood! Write it out If something is bothering you or on your mind, let it out. Give it to the paper, let your thoughts free flow, then read back to experience clarity in your thinking. It's a truly magical experience to understand how you process thoughts.

Mirror Work Look at yourself in the mirror. Stare deep into your eyes and say: I deeply love and accept you. Some part of you heals every time you look at your reflection in the mirror and affirm love!

developing a good relationship with yourself

You realize that you also deserve love and acceptance. Be easy This means be easy-going, don't take everything so seriously. Stop playing victim of your life and ease up on yourself! Don't look so deeply into everything, let it be.

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Bless what happened and affirm that you will only allow it to grow and expand you. Meditate This is a time to be totally present with yourself. As you sit in stillness, taking long deep breathes become aware of your thinking. Your thoughts are things and what you think you become. Let yourself fully be embraced by the stillness - allow it guide you into a higher experience of yourself. Know your thinking "Here is a new spiritual practice for you: