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The Mega Man ZX series, known as Rockman ZX in Japan, made its debut in In the end, Vent/Aile face down Serpent in order to stop him from causing the. For Mega Man ZX Advent on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic Albert and Weil have no direct relation if my assumption is correct). the end of Megaman ZX and yet Aile in Grey's scenario did not even see Albert. Mega Man Zx - Nintendo DS: Artist Not Provided: Video Games. Aile -- Vent is bigger and more powerful, while Aile is smaller and more agile .. Frankly, the whole game actually fits into that, because the Zero 4 ending . Careers · Blog · About Amazon · Press Center · Investor Relations · Amazon Devices.

Master Albert's demise comes from his own back-up body Grey and his unaltered descendant Ashe. Advent had unique chips and items that could be attained in one of two rooms depending on the month. Adjusting the month in the DS settings can let you have those items quickly. These are just a small portion of them: Axl doesn't know his past.

megaman zx aile ending relationship

Axl is a prototype of New Gen Reploids, and Lumine in particular. Axl is black and Lumine is gold. Lumine wants to become the ruler of the new world where the New Gen Reploids reign. Both Axl and Lumine can change forms.

Lumine's battleground is high to the moon. Lumine can use the attack from 8 New Gen Mavericks, and he also has an angelic form. Model A is considered a "prototype" or at least "small version" of Model W. Model A is black and Model W is gold. Albert wants to be the god of the new world. Ouroboros, Albert's stage, is high to the sky. He also has 6 wings, a tail, and a halo as Mega Man Model W. Protectos serves this role, like Zero 1's Ganeshariff. He's different from the other Mavericks You get away from Prometheus and Pandora, but not from I!

Buckfire will pummel you into ground! I Am the Noun: When the 6 Biometals in ZX gives out their passwords to unlock the door leading to Model W, we got this: I am the wind that blows through the sky, Ventus Airus. I am the water that flows across the land, Glacius Passio.

megaman zx aile ending relationship

I am the fire that brings heat to all life, Flamma Wies. I am the shadow that never leaves the side of justice, Umbra Profess. I am the light that illuminates all possibilities, Lumine Infinitus I am the courage that fights for beliefs, Fortitude Creed The protagonists said this word-for-word in the games.

The ones who play the trope the straightest are Grey and Ashe, as they don't know who they really are. Model L enables you to control ice.

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In the second game, Thetis is its Biomatch. Pandora, though she uses Model W instead. I'm Having Soul Pains: The aforementioned Model OX. Arguably Model X as well, because of the methods of unlocking it.

Albert's throne in ZXA could transform into a three-headed dragon. Those annoying satellite dishes in Area L. Blue soundwaves will reverse your controls, while red ones will prevent you from attacking.

Thankfully, the effect wears off, but it's enough for many players to consider Area L In the Blood: Serpent says that the blood of the Model W's creator runs in Aile's veins. ZXA reveals that he was referring to Master Albert, who donated his blood to certain survivors of Maverick Raids, thus giving them the key for Megamerging. Played straighter with Ashe, as she is an actual descendent of Albert himself.

Advent has these kind of robo-mooks; Model P's radar is useful on locating their position. Then again, it could also refer to the second coming of Model W. I Wish It Were Real: This series are about kids who get the ability to transform into Mega Man. Subverted, though; from their point of view, their heroes are historical, rather than fictional. Model a lowercase in Advent, which plays like the original Mega Man.

megaman zx aile ending relationship

Although it does have a small advantage in being short and harder to hit. Also, easier to overlook on this as there are not really times when it would completely alter an area, the shots will go through walls that don't have the ability to reflect bullets. Advent actually demonstrates the savvy use of this trope.

The former finds the Model W fused to a Spidrill and are forced to destroy both. Unfortunately, destroying it wasn't enough to keep Ouroboros from forming, but you have to give the gang credit for trying. He's also a Blood Knight with a slight god complexto boot. Master Albert and Prometheus, by far.

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The Law of Conservation of Detail: Subverted in Advent due to its attempts to avert You All Look Familiarwhere pretty much everyone you meet has different designs and personalities, except for the guys in uniform, who still act different.

In other words, trying to rely on this trope to see who is important is completely pointless for this game. If you have completed both Zero 3 and 4 in their cartridgeslinking them to the DS slot can let you fight 4 of each game's bosses in the same area, and defeating them all gives you the same reward.

This was in vain, as Capcom pulled the plug on the seriesand we're not likely to see the third game anytime soon. Arguable case with Model A, as it's revealed that the "A" stands for "Albert", not "Axl", even though the biometal is clearly based on the latter.

Chronoforce's form in Advent; it can't move at all on land, but is immune to attacks from attacks from above and its charge shot, the Time Bombis quite useful. You can even change form after it's activated. Scrappy Level on anything above Easy.

The final level in the first game has a lift section. Unlike most examples, it has no crushing platforms, only spike-lined walls and a lot of enemies.

Compared to Zero and X. Genocide and social Darwinism are still regular topics, but the art is much more colorful and the music much cheerier than its immediate predecessors. The tone and themes are also very different—while the last two series taught that War Is HellZX argues for creating your own fate.

Ouroboros stage has a heart-like machine that beats like a real heart, and also blood vessels-like lining in the background. Also, when Albert is defeated, the linings are coloured grey, signifying that the Ouroboros is dead as well.

Has a small scar running down the left side of face. Because he's technically "born" at the intro stage and possibly because Pandora's going to kill himhe hasn't learned politeness yet, and thus, he talks rude to people, as The Sage Trinity and later Aile noted.

However, he's ready to help everybody in need, because he's inspired by the Hunters who found him and brought him to the Hunters' camp. He's only physically 14 at the start of Advent, though depending on how long Albert was working on him, he could actually be older or younger.

Due to the fact that he literally has nothing to remember. According to Master Albert's plans, Model A was supposed to fill-in Grey on the details should anything have happened to Albert. Grey stands out alongside other characters in ZX; he lacks civilian clothing, and his chestplate and shoes are armored, as if he was already partially Megamerged with Model A.

Which makes some level of sense, given he was meant to get Model A in the first place. Of all the playable characters in the ZX series, he's the only Reploid.

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He was inside one, before he was accidentally released in his opening cutscene. He never smiles throughout the game, save for the ending. He is a textbook Case C; if Mick and Robin weren't snooping around the labsthe Big Bad would still have his backup body. Pandora only added fuel to the flames of rebellion. Taken to the next level via the copying A-Trans powers of Model A. Protagonist Without a Past: Not that he had much of one to begin with, given he was "born" in that facility he woke up in.

He goes to the Legion HQ specifically to find out who he really is, but Thomas said that all the information pertaining to Grey was missing. Eventually, he knows that he's Albert's backup body. See also Tomato in the Mirror below. Raised as a Host: He's actually built as Albert's backup body, designated as DAN Thanks to the Hunters' unwitting interference, however, he's freed from his brainwashing process. Red Eyes, Take Warning: After he's released from the capsule in the intro cutscene, it's shown that he has these, but they quickly turn into Green Eyes.

Possibly has something to do with his incomplete brainwashing process. His Homing Shot ability involves him targeting up to 8 enemies and then firing homing energy shots, one for each targeted enemy. As before, Ashe is nowhere to be seen or heard of if Grey is chosen. Ashe's stage still appears in the map in Grey's story, but it can't be accessed.