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After the seven-year time skip, he was reunited with Clare and became one of the Ghosts. At Rabona, Raki carried a statue that had within it Clare's Claymore. This is probably the last time we will meet with any friendship Clare. So please, for Raki's Only Clare chose not to come back, and Raki had followed her. Clare's . Clare had felt guilt over many things in her life. Guilt over. "Nice to see you again Teresa Raki was so overwhelmed by his reunion with Clare, that he He felt rather guilty when he saw her standing awkwardly by herself, away from the "Clare, I would like you to meet Audrey.".

After the girl had departed, Clare turned to Miria with an enquiring look on her face. He sits by their side and stays with them when the pain of the transformation becomes too much. He makes a point of learning their names and on their birthdays, he cooks them a cake. Hell, he even managed to get mine.

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While she appreciated the gesture, the candles had not been necessary in her mind. Warrior or not, a woman does not enjoy having her age made common knowledge, and Raki had somehow gotten it right. Can you imagine, Clare? We haven't had a single accidental Awakening in over ten years. In his own way, Raki has done a lot for us and changed some things for the better," Miria then sighed dejectedly, her mood dampening, "yet some things stay the same. All these efforts, all those sacrifices, all that pain… for nothing.

Sure, they had managed to topple the Organization, but the last experiments of the former leaders, a kind of Yoma that could breed, had ensured it had to be rebuilt. An independent slew of Yoma meant that humans would always need protection, namely warriors, and as long as warriors fought, Awakening was a very distinct possibility. The chaos of the leaders' death had profited a certain undying spy who used the opportunity to increase his influence.

Rubel easily covered up the involvement of the Ghosts of Pieta, simply presenting them as stray warriors who were then offered an amnesty by the new leaders if only to refill the depleted ranks. He had not done it out of altruism either: It tore them inside, but to protect the humans from the outbreak of Yoma, and the future warriors from themselves, Miria and her companions forced themselves to join again.

They would keep an eye from the inside to ensure no other warrior had to die meaninglessly. Only Clare chose not to come back, and Raki had followed her. Clare's reminiscing ceased once she was inside the room, Miria staying outside to give her the privacy she wanted.

Her eyes fell on the figure peacefully laying still in the bed, the slow raising of the sheets and the faint heartbeat, even to the superhuman senses, the only signs of live coming from him. As she took in the changes the years had wrought on her old friend, Clare was painfully reminded that twenty years is a long time for humans. His hair had gone pure white, and his skin, though tanned, was wrinkled. Yet even in this man who had lived over seventy years, she could still easily recognize the child who had followed her, and the man who had been her lover and companion for years.

Even to this day, it amazed her that this complete human somehow could sense her presence, even when her presence was undetectable to the best Yoki-sensors. Back then, Raki had laughingly chalked it up to the special bond they had always shared, but it seemed their years apart had not dulled his perceptiveness in the least.

Yet even his warm smile couldn't hide the dreadful weariness he was feeling or the effort it took just to speak. Seeing him like this finally drove Miria's message home. The unfairness of it filled Clare with a silent, impotent fury. Why did kind souls have to age and die while undeserving monsters keep on living? As he looked at her, Clare felt her heart skip a couple of beats as she saw one thing that had not changed in the years.

Though old and tired, his eyes still held that amazing kindness, that wonderful warmth which characterized her friend.

And even now, they shone with the special light that had always been reserved to her alone, the gaze of a man looking at the most beautiful woman in the world. She had hoped that he would have realized she no longer deserved it. No matter how much she wanted to deny it, Clare allowed herself to bask in this warmth, wrapping itself around her shattered self and soothing her very soul. Over twenty years, yet his effect was as potent as ever on her.

Would it be different if they had stayed together longer, she wondered, only to squash the selfish thought a second later. Raki had gone through hell and back, literally, with her. They might as well been married considering the commitment they had for each other. Yet it had not lasted, Clare remembered. Though she could heal perfectly, Raki could not.

Though she did not age, Raki did. The battle against warriors, Yoma and Awakened combined with the years gradually took their toll on his human body. Claymore is a special show. But first, the Moral Category: Language is colorful for this series, not so much at first, but there are plenty of B words to go around, as well as a few F words used somewhere around half the series.

While arguably the latter is extreme, the circumstance used is somewhat understandable, and I felt that overall the series should enact no more than a warning to its potential viewer here.

However, turning to the nudity used in the show, that is entirely a different subject. Or try NOT to see… What I hate most of all is right before the end of the two characters is a bit of empathy is given towards these two and conveniently the artist pretends you never saw anything by ending the exposure. Will Raki be important to Clare and how? Rake thankfully wants to be more than an emotional stabilizer and properly vows he will become stronger so he can protect Clare.

Since we are on the subject, Claymore presents a unique discussion on the inherent problem of power. In the show, only the women are deemed able to handle the Yuki power of a Yoma.

Yes, some people may see this as just being more liberal rot gut against manhood and stuff, but I heartily disagree. It is imperative that each of the characters is able to fit in their respective gender differences as well as the themes the overall story wishes to discuss.

Men ought to be men and women ought to be women… And in Claymore you feel this is so. Actually, on the subject of differentiation, Claymore really does celebrate the differences of the sexes. And I for one thought this refreshing. Every one of the Claymore will eventually perish from their comrades or be turned into monsters and Clare must struggle to prevent that.

All this leads me into one of my favorite arcs from episode 3. The twist is that the city therein has a ban on all things Claymore. So Clare and Raki must pretend to be normal people and the way it is done is pretty legit. Oh, and did I say Clare already goes beyond her limit fighting the brute? The show does itself proud in not being predictable and shocking the audience, as much as it was sweet with the way rookie proves useful to Clare when Clare begs to be slain.

The viewer can feel the energy at this point in the series, so the viewer is caught off guard that the next episode is not even about Raki. As we all know, flashbacks are a convenient way of making up story lines, so the prequel stuff feels better and, ultimately, for the manga especially, is crucial for the ending of the show. Aside from the pleasant romancing going, I felt excited at the prospect of Raki agreeing to stay, but promising he will grow so he can become the protector of Clare that he wants and knows he ought to be.

As Clare nears her mission, she finds three other Claymore and you quickly note as the characters do that this is almost a setup for their death. The Awakened One turns out to be a male, and unfortunately for the four, the reason the men were banned from being Claymore is they were a little too good at harnessing Yuki power.

Naturally, the same Organization also keeps tabs on them via their Yuki powers being watched by a high-ranking and shrewd Claymore. They all are themselves partially awakened…. Ultimately, the realism with Clare not being invincible helped overall the show develop into her tragic story believably. Take one look at this all, and you can readily see why Claymore was successful. Is there a hint that this is all quite unnecessary?

Perhaps… Certainly from the vantage point that the Abyssal Ones only care about awakening Claymore. That kind of dark hint at the conflicting aims of the supposed saviors of humanity, the Organization, helped keep the viewer absorbed, and continued to pull them into what other shocking realization that was about to unfold.

There are a few points I felt needed to be mentioned before the ending is discussed. As Clare is heading north towards the slayer of her Teresa, an Awakened One named Priscilla, she meets some of the elite five she was warned about. She is the reason Clare loses her arm and apparently has been killing humans for quite some time, which accounts for her blood lust. It was great stuff. Yes, I know she turns into a monster, but is that an excuse to expose her like this? Instead of that stuff that she says to Deneve about being born weak or something like that.

Man no pun intendedwhat does that make Romi-san who did Teresa? I really like the camp fire scene when Irene talks about Teresa and Clare begins to weep. It's simple, yet touching and cathartic. The kind of emotion that it invokes pretty much sums up why I love the series. I've watched that part repeatedly and I just can't watch it without getting a lump in the throat every time.

I think that part could have been longer. I also think that Clare's training with Irene should have been longer and that we would know what happened to Irene once Raphaela showed herself because I have been waiting forever to find out if she is still alive or not. I know that many people have said this before me but still How can this be!? Why did you die? I am the weakest of all Claymores! Then why are you the one that is dead and not me.!?

That was almost as sad for me as Teresa's death. I really liked, Jean she was cool and perhaps the most honorable of all of the Claymores. But more then that was Clares reaction to her death. It was the first time since Teresa died that Clare has really broken down. She always is so so cold and the only emotion she ever shows is anger.

I mean she shed a few tears when she was with Ilena but that wasn't the same. Since Teresa died Clare hasn't cared about anything but revenge, but with Raki's entrence Clare has been gaining friends and slowly opening herself back up again only to have Jean die.

What's worse she died saving her. And more, for once we get a look at Clares insucurities. She calls herself the weakest Claymore.

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Whenever her rank has come up in the past Clare had been calm about it and you had the feeling that she was going to try to 'prove them all wrong. But this time Clare admites to bieng weak and helpless. I just feel that since Teresa died, that that was the worst thing to happen to Clare. And at that point while I was sobbing with Clare, NO Leave Clare alone, hasn't she suffered enough?

After the crazy scenes with Ophelia, in which I don't think I've seen in other anime before, I seriously thought all the top 5 Claymores are whack and borderline insane I hit the mark pretty much, for Alicia, Beth, and Ophelia anyways. But having a high-ranked warrior who actually cares for lower fighters pretty much everyone is below Galatea in her generation aside from the two mindless twins is something not so common, at least in my understanding of the Claymore world.

Either that, or Teresa's death. Usually in many stories the 'senior figure' to the protagonist usually doesnt die in an 'indignified' way, and even has time to say some meaningful last words to the main character before she dies. Claymore's different from that, and I appreciated it.

Thanks for reminding me how sad that was to watch.: Griffen-Derek I got a few fav scenes in mind. The kiss - for being a surprise and showing Clare is clearly more human than common humans. Jin's death - really touching. Rigardo's death - "SUPERB" - not further comments needed ; Clare's first fight against the 5 Youma - her strenght is so obvious they don't show it in the anime, only to enforce the doubts on Clare's really strenght The monstrous clash of swords between Irene and Teresa, then between Teresa and Priscila.

The talks between Irene and Clare. Clare's resolve to survive, right after Miria's first revelations. The fear in Clare's eyes, seeing death under the madness of Ophelia. Irene slashing Ofelia all over, thus saving Clare. Clare in her black hood and suit, fighting Cid and Galk on the rooves with daggers. Extremely Elegant, Classy, Sexy!!!

And such a beauty!!! The cinematics plus animation and my favourite Claymore music track puts this scene in very high regards XD Synyster I love when Teresa dies. It's a very emotional moment.