Servicenow cmdb relationship types

CI relationship editor

servicenow cmdb relationship types

The ECMDB lets you easily track all relationships by relationship type. The Enterprise CMDB extends the capabilities of the ServiceNow. Use the CI relationship editor to create CI relationships. Management Database (CMDB) CI relationships in the CMDB CI relationship editor. HiCan anyone here help me identifying the relationship between CMD CI relationship. With examplesThanks in AdvanceMounika.

servicenow cmdb relationship types

The relationship editor operates differently, depending on whether you select the Use suggested relationship check box. With suggested relationships, the relationship editor lists all available relationship types for the base CI. To define a new relationship, select a relationship type, and then select a second CI for the relationship.

servicenow cmdb relationship types

Suggested relationships are highlighted for you. These relationships are displayed in blue with a prefix of [Suggested]. Without suggested relationships, you define a new relationship by first selecting a second CI for the relationship and then selecting a parent or a child relationship type.

servicenow cmdb relationship types

The following relationship types are used only for Service Mapping endpoints, and you cannot use them as a relationship type between two CIs: Each new relationship will consist of the base CI, the selected relationship type, and a selected second CI. To not use suggested relationships, first select one or more CIs to be the child CIs in the relationship, and then select the relationship type: Clear Use suggested relationship.

You can filter the list of Configurations Items by adding conditions in the Filter area and clicking Run filter.

CI relations formatter

Depending on the relationship type that you will select, the selected CIs might become a parent or a child CI in the relationship. For each newly created relationship in either the Downstream Relationships or the Upstream Relationships lists, click Please select a relationship and select a relationship type. The list of available relationship types in the Downstream Relationships list contains parent relationships only, in which the base CI is the parent CI.

Right-click to expand collapsed nodes or display a list of related tasks or problems.

servicenow cmdb relationship types

For more information, see Dependency Views map. Click the Settings icon to configure additional view settings that filter the data displayed.

servicenow cmdb relationship types

Settings are preserved through logging out and logging back in. To view groups of related CIs in a hierarchical tree, click Tree. If you select the tree view, you cannot configure any other settings for viewing related CIs.

Select a CI relationship type

A single list of upstream and downstream relationships is displayed. To view a single list that includes both upstream and downstream relationships, click Merge. Relationships are grouped by relationship type.