Tatiana volosozhar maxim trankov relationship trust

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tatiana volosozhar maxim trankov relationship trust

Tatiana Volosozhar, Maxim Trankov, Sochi Olympics Last night, Russian figure skating pair Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov took my secretive about their relationships (it's their right, for sure), Tatiana Volosozhar. Just before Russian figure-skating pair Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov took the ice in last night's free-skate event, NBC cut to a short. Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov, Russia megafans (i.e. the message board contingent) their relationship is skating's worst-kept secret.

Well, even I can say that yes, I am planning as soon as possible to go on the ice after the delivery. Frankly speaking, there is a strong wish to take part in the Olympic games.

tatiana volosozhar maxim trankov relationship trust

But at the moment the most important thing — the birth of a child. And then we will decide yes or no. It is a very interesting story. We during the summer were in Japan, participated in an ice show.

Where did you get that from? All the girls I knew said: But since I was for the first time confronted with this, doubted. Finally did a pregnancy test and it was positive. Told Max, he was very pleased. Only in Moscow, going to the doctor, who told me exactly how far along I was: That now it is necessary to work harder, to provide for the family.

I thought that the responsibility increases, and if I had one person to look after, now it will have two. Only came out recently, in early September — Maxim and I took part in an ice show. She gave me permission to go on the ice, but told me not to do super complicated twist, and forget about the throws, because when Maxim throws me I have to land.

tatiana volosozhar maxim trankov relationship trust

After all any fall is dangerous. So, until the doctor permits, I will skate at least a little, three times a week. I very carefully treat Tanya.

When I put her on the ice ater the lifts, I check a thousand times — whether she keeps her balance, and only then I continue moving.

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Our baby should be born in February. Maxim certainly wants a boy, but I don't care, as long as he was healthy. And Tanya respects my desire, and because it is not very important, it agreed on the boy. Suitable names we are not even considering it. Though just in case in our House already equipped with two children. One for the boy in blue, the other for girls in pink. See who will be the first.

If the boy, then let's wait for the second child is a girl. While we're on this topic more joking, saying that the girl would be, but similar to Volosozhar dad the same Cornstalk. Oh boy-Trankov, small as a mom.

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But seriously, we will discuss the surname when it comes time to get a birth certificate. At the same time and with the name finally define. Is Now in fashion joint delivery, thought about it? I will never going to call her husband in childbirth, categorically no! I believe that man and so throughout pregnancy sees as changing woman, knows that it is not easy. Not at all to watch. Maxim and so very strong for me.

Tatiana Volosozhar

Yes I would, if present, only interfered with would spoil everything! I worry about the Tatiana, even when garbage is going to make! And then there's the birth The very idea is causing me twinges of real panic.

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I know that I would shake, and I need someone to reassure me. I confess I and to see a doctor with Tanya do not go, do not attend during the ultrasound. Although she calls me constantly: And now is not worth it!

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I think Tanya would examine all and me then teach. I just won't do it. At Yoga for pregnant women, too, are unlikely to go along with Tanya. The more I have virtually no time. I skate every day, coach junior.

The regular season starts soon "ice age" and I will participate in it. Prior to this, always refused such a show. I went with the best partner in the world and did not understand what I need to do is paired with someone who generally doesn't know how to stand on skates.

tatiana volosozhar maxim trankov relationship trust

Tanya respects my wishes, for her the gender is not very important, so she agreed on boy. Although, in any case in our house already equipped two children rooms. One for the boy in blue tones, one for the girl in pink. If a boy, so we will wait for the second child — a girl. Will you give a child a double last name Volosozhar—Trankov? While we are joking, saying that girl will be Volosozhar, but like her father, such a cornstalk.

A boy — Trankov, small, like mother. But seriously, we will discuss the name when time comes to get birth certificate.

Then the name will be finally determined. Now joint labour are very popular, have you thought about it?.

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are waiting for a baby

I will never call my husband to a labour, absolutely not! I worry about Tanya, even when she goes to throw garbage! So it has been decided: I know that I will be shaking, and I need someone to reassure me.

I think Tanya will learn everything and then teach me.

tatiana volosozhar maxim trankov relationship trust

I also will unlikely go to yoga for pregnant women. Prior to that, I always refused from such shows. Then we sat down and talked, and Tanya brought this argument: I also need to maintain shape. In short, I agreed to participate in the project.

Maxim worried that I will be jealous.